Friday, 8 August 2008


By 9am the children and I had the housework done. Dishes were done, washer was going, everything was picked up and vacuumed, and Taryn even cleaned the boys' toilet. And I was bored. So I made bread, knowing it wouldn't be ready for lunch, but planning ahead for Friday.
I played with the babies while older ones played on the computer.
The weather was discouraging - heavy cloud cover threatening a downpour any minute, very humid, but not cold. So I looked at my 10 day forecast and it said Thursday was the least chance of rain until next Friday. So I determined to go to the park, but it was 10:30 now, and we eat at 11, so we went as soon as we finished lunch.
We started off well enough, but as we crossed the street at the park entrance, thunk "wahhahha." Taryn had tripped on the curb and scraped her knee. So we looked at it, and hugged for a minute, and she decided she could still play. They ran to the playground while I pushed William in the stroller through the trees, looking for blackberries (only found a few green ones). Then I pushed some on the swings while some rode the see-saw. Then Taryn, Naysha, and Riah climbed on the spinny thing (click the word to see a picture) and wanted me to push them fast, so I did. When it stopped Taryn was nearly sick, Naysha wandered off, and Riah wanted to go again. He picked a spot, I wound up for the push, "one, two, threeee," "thunk WAAAHAAAA." I had barely let go when it threw Riah to the ground beside me (he'd spun half way around), and he hurt "everywhere." It was a few minuted before he was recovered enough to play some more. We eventually played enough, then walked the path through the woods (no blackberries). While under the trees, it started to rain. I was willing to wait a bit for it to stop, but the children decided they didn't mind the wet now, so we started home.

Ella took a nap and Taryn did her school work.
Bob called to talk about the computer situation, and we decided that I should meet him at the BX so we could decide. Bob has been able to think of nothing else for days. So we ate at Taco Bell, then shopped. The Mac is just too expensive. Bob REALLY wants a computer that will work. So we bought the HP. They had a cheaper one, but it didn't have the wireless LAN or the TV tuner, so we got the big one.
We looked at a projection tv they had, but it wasn't a high resolution.

Home in time for Bible study and bed. Then we got out the computer, got Firefox. Got CS3 installed. It said we had to "deregister" another copy, because we're only allowed 2 copies. SO Bob went to his laptop, because it works right on mine, but it is so sideways it didn't even have the deregister option. It works on the new comp anyway. Then we went to bed, and that's our day.


Ganeida said...

A few months in England & you will never view rain the same way. I see the children have cottoned on already. Ignore it or you never get to do anything. ROFL at own wit!

Anonymous said...

Congrats for making the weight loss over 20 pounds. That is good! During my re-model, I have gained whereas the last few months I had lost a few pounds. Boooo! No kitchen now so I'm picking and snacking.jc

MamaOlive said...

We learned to ignore the rain and REALLY enjoy the sunshine while we were in Iceland, but the children weren't there (except Taryn, who was 2 when we left). Usually, at the first sign of a drizzle they are digging out raincoats and umbrellas, so I was surprised to see them walk out in the pouring rain Thursday.

Thank you. I actually hit 25lbs on Thursday, but I'm posting Monday weigh-ins here. Snacking is great if you can go for fruits and veges. I hadn't heard you were remodeling. Did I miss the myfamily update? Pictures? Take care.