Monday, 11 August 2008

lazy day

Sunday we decided to try the 4:30 service, as our regular one has a few elements that we aren't satisfied with. That opened up the whole day for other stuff.

After some sitting around, computer work, etc, we got dressed and went to the every-other-week boot sale in Kennett. There were 3 rows of junk for sale, and on the first row I shopped and hoped that the children would behave. They didn't, so the next two rows I kept them in line. On that first row I bought t shirts for William to grow into and 2 skirts for Taryn, at 20pence each, and Hilfiger overalls for Riah for 1GBP. Bob got a book about butterflies. I could have bought a dozen teapots for Mom if I thought she wanted them.

After that we went to Newmarket and parked in their parking garage, which is free on Sunday. The shopping mall thing was about 1/2 open (I think more stores open after noon), so we walked through that and headed down High Street. Overwhelmed with lunch options, we chose Wimpy burgers. We'd never been there before. They have several tables, so we didn't fill up the whole restaurant, and the staff was friendly and very attentive. The children each got a meal deal with a cheeseburger; all but Ella ate theirs, and when I tasted hers I understood why she only wanted the 'chips.' Bob and I both had bacon egg sandwiches, and they were very good. Only cost 5BGP more than Burger King the other day, and we got real plates, with silverware even, plus personal service. We made our way back to the car, and then back home for a second because Bob got ketchup on his shirt.

Since we still had lots of time, we took the long way to base:

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We'd never been that way before. We stopped in Moulton to picture the church and ducks. In Icklingham (I think) I spotted a mess of ripe blackberries beside the road, and Bob saw an old building he liked the looks of, so we pulled over. I got a bag and stood on the grass and weeds on the side of the road and picked berries. I got 3 nettle stings, but it was worth it. Wow! Ripe blackberries are worth getting. We stopped in the BX for a minute to get food coloring for Ella's birthday cake (to get red, I had to buy a box of 8 colors!). Then it was time for church. The chaplain for that service is TDY back in the States, so things were a little less organized than usual, but we enjoyed parts of it. The worst part was that our children were tired and not so well behaved as they ought to be. Cedwryck fell asleep, Riah stuck his feet up in the air, and Ella and William wrestled with us the whole time. Then we had pizza for dinner, and bought ice cream to bring home.
The children each had a scoop while Bob ironed his uniform and I loaded the dishwasher, and then it was bedtime.

This morning some of the berries were already moldy. No wonder they are so pricey at the supermarkets. It was nice weather yesterday, and this morning looks nice, too. Yeah! Now I can go trim the hedge again so neighbor Bob will not bug us about it. :-)

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