Monday, 18 August 2008

PS on how to occupy

Well, remember I said they didn't damage anything?
One exception.

Naysha gave herself a haircut.

You can see the picture on Flickr. She whacked off around her face, so in a few weeks she will have bangs. Bob was combing her hair for church and there was a big chunk of cut-off hair stuck in the back somehow, and then we saw it. Bob nearly cried when he had to trim it up to make it even.

She tried for half an hour to think of a reason for having done it, but came up blank. Well, not blank... I'm the same way when it comes to articulating feelings, so I know she was thinking a lot, but unable to express anything.

I never have understood the child-cutting-her-own-hair phenomenon that seems so widespread, and was hoping to gain some insight. I guess that'll have to wait.


Anonymous said...

Read this if you have time:


MamaOlive said...

That was interesting, thanks. I'm glad Naysha didn't do like that girl in the picture on that site.

LC said...

Carter did this when she was about 3. At this time with a three and five year old, my Sunday routine was like this:
Dad is at work and will meet us at church.
Feed, dress, and bathe kids. Set them in front of a video while I take a quick shower.
Lesleigh came in sing-songing "Guess what Carter's doing?"
Me- "WHAT???"
Lesleih (much too happy a tattler) "She's cutting her OWN hair!"
Picture me all shampoo-covered grabbing a towel and slip-sliding past Les...

She had grabbed about a 5 inch section along her temple and cut straight back toward the back of her head. When the salon was done layering it up to "fix" it, it was about 2 inches long all over. The poor lady kept saying, "I need to cut it THIS short... are you sure?"
To which I responded, "It's hair, it will grow back."

LC said...

Oh- I forgot the most important part of the story-
THIS one time they weren't watching t.v. They were laying on the floor coloring in coloring books. And I thought, "They are getting along so well... why turn on the t.v. if I don't need to?"
Yep. That's what thinking too much will get you.

Ganeida said...

All 5 of mine have tried this...& the whiskers on various cats! Who knows?

MamaOlive said...

Lorella, that's too funny.
Never take a shower without a video in, LOL.

Ganeida, I think my little brother trimmed the cat's whiskers once. haha