Sunday, 1 March 2009

the boy can talk

William is beginning to talk. He doesn't say little words like "Mama" and "nose" but he is starting with phrases.
This morning William was climbing up on a storage tub (it's his way of getting onto the couch), and he slipped and bonked his head. He cried a bit, rubbed his head and said "hit my head." A few minutes later we were getting into the car and Cedwryck hit Naysha because she got in first, and I reminded him that boys don't hit girls, and William said "hit head" and rubbed his head again. :-)

Then, prepare for real warm fuzzies, as we were tucking the boys into bed tonight William said "bess oo" (bless you). As I was telling Bob that he'd said it, he said "uv oo" to Bob. And then he said "uv oo" to me. AS he was pointing out his finger in an imitation of sign language "I love you." I'm still glowing.

Other words he says are:
every time he stands up after changing his diaper he says "ta da!"
"Puh" for up when he wants me to pick him up.
"woof woof" whenever he sees a dog.
"down" and "no."



Ganeida said...

How cute is that? Ditz did that too. Phrases first. Smart kiddo.

Anonymous said...

Aw, too sweet!