Monday, 2 March 2009


Saturday was another bright Spring day (so is today!) and we couldn't stay in. We drove down to Clare, where we walked around and took pictures. Then we went on to Braintree where we had lunch in a very busy McDonald's that didn't take the card with the magnetic strip, and to the outlet mall there. Bob bought some new shoes, Taryn got a coat, we all got candy at the Cadbury outlet, and I got red envelopes at the stationary store. Why? I'll tell you in a minute. I looked in 6-8 stores, and I have decided that fat women must not wear coats. If they do, I guess they grow them at home, because they sure can't buy one at the store.

After the shopping we headed back home, stopping at Halstead to look at their redundant church, and again in Icklingham where only Bob got out to photograph their redundant church.
We had copcycat Red Lobster biscuits for dinner, with shrimp alfredo for Bob and spaghetti for the rest of us. Then I went to the commissary to spend my coupons that were expiring that night, while Bob took the van to the car wash.

Sunday was church of course.

Today is so pretty and sunny.
We picked up the whole house except the girls' room (they started on it), vacuumed, moved a few boxes, did laundry and dishes. While William was napping I walked briskly for 20 minutes on the cross trainer. Then the children watched a video while I took a shower, and when that was over it was lunch time.
Now they are outside and I am addressing my red envelopes.
I joined the red envelope Facebook group and am sending 50 letters to Mr. Obama. (I refuse to call him President because he refuses to provide me with proof he's eligible to be president.) In addition to the text on the campaign page, I am including a quote from Obama himself, at the National Prayer Breakfast, saying, "There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being."
It really sickens me to know how many babies have been slaughtered while the church, for the most part, has done nothing. I know there are many reasons for having an abortion and I don't condemn the individuals who have made that hard choice (or been forced into it). I just want it to stop. Education, help, laws, proper use of public opinion, speaking up: these are all needed. So I'm doing something, however small, now. I just pray Mr Obama gets to see even a portion of all the envelopes that are being sent to him.

Tomorrow is knitting club, Wednesday I have an appointment, Saturday we are doing pictures at Orford, Sunday is pot blessing at church; next Tuesday Bob does his PT test, and the Wednesday following is his promotion test. Then there's all the loose ends like fence, deposit, ration card, passport, parents visit, ... I think I need to go outside and get dirt under my fingernails.

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Ganeida said...

I don't do Facebook though I have an account for keeping track of Ditz, who has one to keep in touch with her cousin & her Irish friends, but the red envelopes sound like a brilliant idea/ Way to go, girl!