Friday, 27 February 2009

day to day

Yesterday Bob decided to work out at home (instead of the gym) before going in to work, which meant we were all up and dressed by the time he left. So I took him to work and had the van for the day.
We went to the self-help store and got potting soil, compost, and wood chips for the garden. Took that back home. Went to the hospital for a minute to fill out paperwork, went to the commissary. I had a very short list of items needed, but there was quite a selection of marked-down meat, so I got a pile of that. And a few other things were on sale, like Capri Sun drinks for $.99 (that's for a 10 pack; the children think they make a nice treat when we are picnicking). I did forget bathroom cleaner, and I did talk myself out of both ice cream and candy.
Came home for lunch and naps, and went back to get Bob about 4.

A few other notes of ongoing issues:
To get the fence VAT free, we have to go to the VAT office and pay them cash, and they write a check to the company. But before we can use the VAT office we have to get a ration card. Huh? Ration cards are for alcohol and tobacco, so we never bothered to get one. But it makes an extra step in the process, so it all makes sense.
The openreach guy came out Wednesday and asked where I was digging. He said all their lines are under the sidewalk, so we wouldn't have any trouble.

We are actually getting paid more than we thought we would last month. See, in January, we got a partial payment for housing, but our mid-month pay was the full amount. So our end-of-the-month pay was short to make up for it. Now that it is balanced we aren't feeling the pinch like I anticipated. Praise the Lord.

We still haven't settled up with the landlord, as every time I email with a question they wait a week or two to respond.
We are reading about Jacob at night, and I feel like he did when he was working for Laban; they have "changed [our] wages 10 times." But I end up feeling sorry for them, because the last time a company deliberately swindled us, they went out of business within 6 months. Sometimes I'm really glad I'm on the Lord's side. :-D

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