Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Saturday we had a full day.
In the morning I dropped Bob off at the "travel fair" to collect brochures and enter to win. Then I went to the post office to mail my red envelopes and check the mail, to the bank to pay the water bill that I finally got settled, and to the commissary for a few things (that turned into a lot of things, since diapers, butter, and Bob's favorite cereal were on sale). Back to the travel fair and Bob was about 2/3 of the way through, so I finished the tour with him (the children watching movies in the van).
Then we took the groceries home, then back out for lunch. After lunch Bob and Taryn went to the park to take pictures. Then we went out to West Stow, to the Anglo-Saxon village. They were having an open day - free admission. We met two other homeschooling families there, and visited while the children ran and climbed. We stopped at the playground on the way out, but weren't there too long when it began to rain.
(The day started off cloudy, the sun was out by mid morning, then the wind picked up, the clouds came back, it got clod, and finally rained. Gotta love it; no matter what was forecast, it was right.)
So we came back home, had supper, and started cooking for Sunday's lunch.
I made BBQ chicken wings (in the crock pot - I don't recommend it), Heather's caramel oat bars, and Tam's grape salad. Yum.
Pictures are on both my and Bob's Flickr pages.

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