Wednesday, 25 March 2009


We have ants in our house. Bob put poison around the perimeter and they slowed down a bit. Today I looked up some natural solutions and picked the most pleasant; I sprinkled ground cloves across their trail.
We are also being more diligent about vacuuming (2-3 times per day), and keeping the dishes washed. Speaking of which, a big thanks to Bob for whipping the kitchen (and the girls) into shape while he was off work last week. So anyway, we will see if they slow down any more. Otherwise I can try to find diatomacious earth and sprinkle that around.

The garden is doing better than I expected. The strawberries appear dead in the dirt, but the onion and garlic are coming on nicely, and the lettuce and peas are sprouting well. I have more stuff to put out front, but haven't got around to it yet. The weather has been very changeable, with some bright days, and then cold and windy. It has been very dry for Spring, but we got a nice shower yesterday.

Right now I am waiting for a delivery from Tesco, and then we need to go get a poster board so Taryn can make a thing for the History and Geography Fair tomorrow. Yeah, yeah, procrastination. She's doing a report on the difference of seasons between USA and Australia, as that was something that interested her in her book this year.

We sold our little fridge yesterday. The fridge that came with the house was MUCH bigger than the one we were lent for the rental house, plus it's not that big a deal now to run back to the store if we run out of something. So we cleaned up the little fridge that we'd bought soon after moving out to Cheveley, and Bob listed it for sale on the base website (the one I can't access from home), and we got a call the first day. The man just gave me his first name on the phone, but when he emailed Bob his rank came up - he's a Lt Colonial. Yikes! We don't normally run in the same circles as Cols. :-) They had just got here from the states and were setting up house.

That's about it for now.
We are thinking about asking a man at church if he'd give Taryn some piano lessons - he plays for worship sometimes, and sits behind us most of the time and has been rather friendly, so Bob thought we might ask about it. We have a keyboard and Taryn is very good about picking out notes to songs she knows. William is also a budding pianist - he really gets emotional about his playing. :-D

Happy Wednesday.

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Ganeida said...

Wow...& wow some more. Go Taryn. I can'r even work out the seasonal differences within Oz. lol.

That's how Ditz does piano too. Someone from church who plays gives her lessons ~ enough that she's getting an idea of the basics. She'll never be a Beethoven.