Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Proud of my boys

A few days ago the children were playing outside, and one of the neighbors hit Riah with a metal rod. He cried, got over it, and was playing again when the child hit him again. I heard him cry, and watched through the window. He stayed very calm, and quietly went around to all the children, collecting all the rods, which he then brought inside to me. He didn't yell, lose his temper, strike back... I was very proud.

Our next door neighbors are moving out. They have given us an outside play castle/slide thing, and a few small toys that they didn't want to move. The day they were packing out, Cedwryck came up to me and said he wanted to give the neighbors something since they had given us so much. I explained that they didn't want any *thing* as they were packing, but we did offer to take them to dinner. What a guy!

Two nights ago, as we were tucking in the boys, William said, "Love you, Daddy." His first sentence, and what a doozer!


Anonymous said...

Sweet boys!
Cherish those moments that make you proud; they help you recover from those moments on the other end of the spectrum!

LC said...

So proud of Azariah. and of mom, for letting him sort it out on his own.
(one of my soap boxes is too much parent intervention...)