Friday, 19 June 2009

runner's knee

Yesterday after my "scan" appt, Bob had a Dr appointment about his knee. He's had trouble with it off and on for years, occasionally falling down in the grocery store and having moderate to severe pain at different points. He's been to the Dr before, but in typical military-Dr style they usually give him a prescription for Motrin and send him away.

Bob said this doctor actually seemed to listen. He examined the knee, discovering that the kneecap won't move. He sent Bob down for Xrays (which was a fun experience, apparently, with a hospital gown, Xrays on hands and knees, and a female technician). He got Bob an appointment with physical therapy, and gave him a 30 day excuse from running. Doc said the therapy probably won't help much, so Bob can come back in 30 days and get another running pass. He has to do 30 days at a time for a few months, and if the problem persists he can then get a 1 year pass. So at least Bob won't have to keep on making it worse in order to fit into the Air Force PT rules.

We make a fine pair; me with arthritis and Bob with Runner's Knee. Though I must say, with our new be, my hip hasn't been bothering me much at all lately. >thumbs up<

Bob called earlier... The therapist had the Xray results, and turns out that Bob has a touch of arthritis, too. But what makes it all very interesting is that his kneecap is actually sideways. So they gave him a knee brace and wished him luck, but again, didn't expect much to get better; he just has to not use the knee much.


Wil said...

Sideways? I hadn't heard of that.

But I've known several people who's kneecaps don't move. For instance, Marline's don't. She thinks it's weird that mine slide around freely. :-)

MamaOlive said...

Wil, Over the phone, when Bob said "sideways" I was thinking rotated. But when he got home and explained more, it's more like "tilted." The cap doesn't lay flat over the bone, but is leaning into a groove (or something). I understand technical lingo fairly well, but I don't transmit it at all. >shrug<
Some days mine move and some days they don't.

akitchenqueen said...

Is it our age or weight or what?? I've had arthritis plaguing me for years and then Mr.H gets it too!
Think about it- we can all sit in rockers on a big old porch and talk about the good old days when nothing hurt!

LC said...

Now I'm going to have to test my kneecaps to see whether they move. I'm fairly certain they do. But if this turns out like the attached ear lobe thing...

MamaOlive said...

Lorella, :-D
Turns out my earlobes are attached, too. Bob's aren't, and I think all the children took after him.