Saturday, 27 June 2009

still here

Well, I've been slacking on the blog. The only thing that happened this week that I wanted to talk about was Sunday, when a man tried to pick a fight with Bob, and somehow it seemed best if I didn't publicize the event.

Today Bob had a framing class, to get certified to use the equipment in the frame shop (to make his own picture frames). It was from 10-2, on Mildenhall. We waffled a bit and decided we should all go along. We dropped Bob off at the frame shop and went to the BXtra. Wandered around, looking at all the toys, garden furniture, and stuff. The "Faith Girls" dolls were marked down to half price, so I let the girls pick out a new one (they each got one for Christmas, and have been itching for another). I wanted to get tissues and rechargeable batteries, but they had neither. All done shopping, we went out to the bathrooms. Once we got done in there it was lunch time, but Naysha noticed a pack of candy in Cedwryck's back pocket. It was still unopened. So I took him and it back to the store, and made him apologize to the customer service lady. She was very kind about it, and took it back.

So then into the food court, where I was just delighted to see they had installed a ride-on game, and a chance game. Anyway, I parked next to it, thinking it may keep the children distracted while I ordered our food. As it was, the children climbing on top of the helicopter game distracted the Burger King employee and he forgot to make my shakes. :-D SO we ate, and made our way to the car. Just got buckled in when Bob called and asked me to get him some lunch. So I left the children to watch a video in the van while I went back in and got him a taco.

Took Bob his lunch, and got to thinking about Father's Day. I'd noticed that the gift shop in the BXtra was carrying swords again... SO I asked Bob if he wanted to pick out his own gift, or should I go ahead. He told me to do it. SO back to the BXtra, where I bought a Richard Lionheart sword. Yes, I know Father's Day was last week. What are you gonna do?

Then we went to the indoor playground for awhile until the frame class was over. It was lots of fun. As Cedwryck said, they had 3 fun things today: riding the helicopter thing, watching a movie, and going to the playground.

The class wasn't done until 2:30. We then went to the BX on Lakenheath to get a new DVD player. Our DVD recorder has been very irritable lately. I also found two tops for myself, and the batteries we wanted.

Now we are home to rest a bit, and will go do something else involving food before long.


Ganeida said...

Well, at least your still here...or the case may be. Very tired, not making much sense but passing through to say hello. So hello...goodbye. ;)

☺ ♥

Ganeida said...

Award for you on my blog. ♥