Monday, 15 June 2009


A few details I forgot.

Saturday night as we were getting ready for bed I felt my calves getting tighter and tighter, and sure enough, not long after laying down my right calf cramped up front and back. Ouch!

If you read my posts on Facebook you'll know that I've been walking 'most every day. There is an open grassy area behind the houses with a sidewalk around it, that the children have been calling "the square." They like to go out there and play ball with their friends, but we've been concerned about having them out of sight for long periods of time. SO I combined my need for exercise with their need of supervision, and I walk around the square with William in the stroller while the other children play or skate or ride bikes.

Taryn and Naysha both have inline skates now, courtesy of the thrift shops. Taryn is pretty good.

I bought some local honey at a farm shop Saturday morning, and am eating a spoonful per day in hopes of allergy help.

Other little things like not being able to change my password on Paypal, and getting automated responses when I email them, the boys knocking down the clothes rail in their closet, getting the upstairs shower fixed (hopefully), rearranging the living room because of the sunshine...

And big things like deciding when to retire and what to do after that. Bob can get college help with the new GI bill, but there is a 'cap' on it, and the "perfect" college that I found yesterday has tuition rates high above the cap.

Life goes on.


Wil said...

College tuition: I read recently that increases in tuition are outstripping salary increases at a ratio of 10:1. If this continues very long, we'll be back to the pre-WW2 situation, where only the extremely rich can attend.

Changing passwords: AT&T (my internet provider) changed my password a couple of weeks ago, without asking me, and THEN sent an email saying I needed to "update your security questions and answers." But I couldn't log in to update those questions, since they'd changed my password. When I attempted to change the password manually, or have them send me a new one, the site wouldn't let me.

I had to call tech support, and the guy said that was their policy. I had to spend 20 minutes on the phone with him (including allowing remote control of my PC) to get the password changed. No wonder companies can't make any money these days. They're run by imbeciles.

Misty said...

Go and find some nettle tea and drink that. It does wonders for allergies- a natural antihistamine. Here is a link for you. Scroll down about 1/3 of the way and read under "Herbal Teas for preg and ....." You will find info there.