Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Yeah, I'm not so good at titles.

I've been doing little mini-updates on Facebook and so haven't been blogging as much.

Friday was Naysha's birthday, and I made her requested dinner of BBQ meatballs and Macaroni. She also got to watch Robin Hood, and didn't have to do any work. But cake and presents had to wait. She wanted a skating party, and the best time for that is Sunday afternoon. So after church Sunday we came home to change and have a lunch, picked up the presents (after I wrapped them) and the cake and ice cream, and went to the skating rink on base. Bob, the children, and our guests (those that came, anyway - one family simply didn't show up) skated for an hour, and then the pizza arrived. So we ate, had cake, opened presents, and skated a couple more hours. It was fun for all, but Monday I was completely wiped out (and I didn't even skate!). My little brain is still skipping Monday - I can't comprehend that today is Wednesday.

I already talked about Saturday...

Yesterday I was going to run some errands, and the car wouldn't start. Click, nothing. I was hopeful that it was simply a loose connection, but couldn't make out anything, so we all came back in the house. I put William down for a nap and I took a walk and picked peas. The peas almost need picking twice a day, they are producing so much. I'm going to try to freeze some, I guess.
Bob got home and looked at the van. We were digging for jumper cables when the neighbor came home and offered to help. So I came in to cook dinner and let them have it. Turned out there was some corrosion on the battery wires/posts, and a little baking soda was all it required.

This morning I ran errands. Got some free flowers from the housing office's "self-help" store. Mailed some stuff, took Bob our coffee pot since he broke the one at work, got my med records from the clinic, and got a few groceries. Came home, had leftovers for lunch, and went out to make a flower bed. Anything is an improvement over nothing, so it looks pretty good to me. I mulched the bed with landscape fabric and rocks that were given to us, and now I feel very grimy from the rocks and dirt. Also, I need to look at the pictures I took of making the cake and flower bed.

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