Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Brain fog

I've heard rumors of "pregnancy brain" and now I believe it.

Friday I was checking our bank account online and saw a mystery charge. Labeled AAFES (the military-sponsored store chain), but with a different code than I'd seen before. (Each store has its own code that shows up on our bank charges - AAFES LK M is the main store on Lakenheath; AAFES BK is the Burger King.) So I looked at the transaction details and it was posted on Saturday. SO I racked my brain for information on Saturday... We went out to Mildenhall for dinner, and I bought Naysha some presents, but neither of those was that much. I asked Bob, and he couldn't think of anything we'd spent $x on. Finally I checked my blog and realized that Saturday we'd bought a new tire for the van. DUH! Panic over, it all makes sense now.
I nearly did the same thing yesterday, when a charge for $y showed up at the main store. What could we have bought there for $y? It was Bob's new memory card for his camera.

Yesterday about noon I was thinking of what to fix for dinner. I wanted to have some of the snow peas, but that's hardly a meal even with my reduced appetite. So I decided on BBQ beans and homemade dinner rolls. (I like having rapid rise yeast on hand.) I figured how long I'd need to fix it, and went on to something else. About 3:30, my time to cook, I headed to the kitchen wondering what on earth to fix along with the snow peas. >smack self in head< Oh, yeah! I'd already figured that out.

Today I'm wondering what to fix for dinner, and we're going to have pizza at the homeschool "end of year" party.

Let's just hope I don't do something really dumb.

Do you think it might be worse because I'm getting 7 hours of sleep per night? Is there a baby-safe vitamin that would help?

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