Thursday, 26 March 2009

what Taryn wrote

This is what Taryn wrote for her display today. Maybe we'll get a picture of the completed project later. (This was her first "paper.")

Hello, my name is Taryn. I am 10 and I am in 4th grade. This year while I was studying about Australia I found it very interesting that the seasons are different in Australia than in Great Britain.

The earth is divided into two hemispheres. The top is the northern hemisphere, so that makes the bottom the southern hemisphere. Australia is in the southern hemisphere. That means that Australia is south of what we call the equator (the equator is really the middle of the earth). And Great Britain is in the northern hemisphere. That means that Great Britain is north of the equator.

The axis of the earth is tilted, therefore when the north is tilted toward the sun we get summer and Australia gets winter. So when the south is tilted toward the sun it’s the other way around.

I hope you found this interesting also.


Ganeida said...

She did a good job & writes very well, doesn't she?

The HoJo's said...

Please let Taryn know that was very well written and easy to understand. Having moved from England to Australia I find the opposite seasons funny.


MamaOlive said...

Thank you. I helped a teeny bit, but it was her writing in the end.
Can you believe "chatty Kathy" was even nervous to stand beside her poster and talk to people about it?

The boys had a HUGE time with a couple of the displays - mainly a model of Iwo Jima. They now know everything about building a model mountain war zone. :-D