Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Last night at Bible time, when we had all the children stand to sing, Naysha did her classic "shy" look, scrunching up her shoulders and putting her hands in her face, all the while grinning and signing "I love you." to me. So Bob called her up and said, "What are you thinking when you do that?" There was a small pause while I thought of good answers like "I'm embarrassed to sing" or whatever.
Naysha's answer? "I think I look cute."

Oh, boy!

So Bob explained to her about standing tall and speaking to people instead of trying to be cute, and by doing that she will win more friends. hmmm, I remember doing this with Taryn a few years ago, and she now has not a single shy bone in her body. So it's time for Naysha to train in introducing herself and answering plainly.


Ganeida said...

Oh boy, oh boy! I'm glad that one's yours!

LC said...

LOL!! That's cute! ha. how funny.

Anonymous said...

The best part is that she/parents are able to communicate. Keep it going! jc