Saturday, 19 July 2008

What I did today

Today I got out of bed at 6am. After my bathroom time, I got a pan of cinnamon rolls out of the fridge to finish rising for breakfast, then I exercised on the cross trainer for 15 minutes. By this time all 3 boys were awake, so I nursed William and talked to the other two.
By 7am everyone was awake, so I put the rolls in the oven and made scrambled eggs (17 of them!) and set the table. Ella helped set the table; everyone else helped crack eggs. Then we ate breakfast, and I gave Cedwryck a hair cut, followed by a shower. Then I took a shower, including washing my hair. I nursed William again while Bob showered and the other children got their socks and shoes together.
We left the house about 10. Bob took me by the post office so I could mail a package to this month's winner in my weight loss support group, then he went to meet a guy from work that he'd promised to help change the brakes on his car (the guy's car, that was Bob's car, that he sold to him, just so we're all clear).
I got out the stroller and took the children on a short walk over to the BX. First stop, bathrooms. Then we wandered around the store and I got a new kitchen timer since my old digital one stopped working, after being knocked from the fridge door the third time. Funny, that's the same way my first digital timer stopped working. Hmmm. I took down the information on the new desktops, since we decided not to buy one after all, and we ate lunch at Pizza Hut in the food court.
After another stop at the bathrooms (where Cedwryck was taking a long time, so I sent Riah in to check, and then he took a long time... A man came out laughing, and I knew it had to be the boys, so I caught his eye and he asked if they were my boys. I asked if he minded shooing them out, and he didn't mind. They came out laughing and saying they were drinking the sink water, which is hot. The man said they were having a good time.), we headed back toward the TLF parking lot where we'd left Bob. He wasn't there, and it started to rain. So we ducked under a picnic shelter where some housekeepers were taking a smoke break, and I nursed William while the children played on the picnic table. I called Bob and he said he was done with the car, and had picked up a new guy and was taking him to his dorm room.
It stopped raining so we went out onto the grass, toward the commissary, but no one wanted to go in there, so the children played tag. Riah climbed a tree, quite high, and scared a pigeon out of her nest. Then Bob came back and we went to the commissary. Bob got some lunch and I got some vegetables, and we checked out the Capri Sun drinks, thanks to a friend's tip. Many of the flavors were 99 cents per box of 10, and I had a coupon for $1 off two boxes. I also saw a box of 5, 100% juice, for 25 cents, so I got one of that, too.

Then we headed over to Mildenhall to the BX there, because I needed kitchen washcloths. I had gobs of them in Texas, but they have disappeared. All the babies were asleep, so I went in there by myself.
Not being quite ready to go home, we went to Tesco in Newmarket. Babies still asleep, so I went in and got some vegetables, Nutella, and bread.

As we were about to turn into our street, Bob turned right instead and we went to the park. The children all ran to the playground, and by the time Bob and I arrived, Taryn had given our life story to a lady who was pushing her granddaughter on a swing. We played for awhile, pushing swings and teeter totters and helping down slides and fireman's poles.

Then we came home for dinner. It was only 4:30, but we were hungry. The children all had peanut butter sandwiches; I had a cheese sandwich and Bob had leftovers. And then we had a slice of brownie cheesecake that I'd made yesterday. It's pretty good, but the brownie part didn't turn out like it was supposed to.

After dinner we crashed awhile and played computer games/checked email. Then Bob played to guitar awhile, I read a story, and we had Bible time. Brush teeth, change diapers, nurse William one more time. Now it's quiet.

Bob, Taryn, and I played a game of scrabble junior (basically scrabble, but you just count one point for each letter). Taryn beat us by quite a margin, and then went to bed. And here we are.

God night!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I could say that was a very full day. jc