Thursday, 10 July 2008

typical midweek post

Well, I added a weather thing to my sidebar, but instead of the pretty picture and instant view of my local weather, it is a link to those things. Oh well, I tried; click if you wish.

Some of the children have colds. Yesterday morning Bob's razor was missing from its place. When the boys got up, Cedwryck was coughing, and Riah said, "I think he's coughing because he put that thing that doesn't look like a toothbrush but it is, in his mouth." Yikes! He didn't seem to have any marks in the mouth area. I asked Riah to show me the "thing" and sure enough, he brought me the razor. So they got a little talk on leaving stuff alone.

Ella, while unusually compassionate for her age, is getting a rough side to her. Yesterday she kept stepping on William, and actually scratched his face. Then she'll pat him and say "'s'okay, 'sokay." Or sorry, hurt? cry... Today William was playing in an empty box (Naysha's idea, I think) and fell out, giving himself a little lump on his head. He also is stuffy.

Naysha and Riah are learning to write. Naysha started a book on the way to church Sunday, asking Taryn "How do you spell" each word she wanted to write. So the next day Riah started, too. Today he wrote, "Azariah wants a show in the girls room." Except "Azariah" was backwards, and the page reads from bottom to top. He's brilliant. (By "show" he means when they do flips on the bed and we watch, like in one of Bob's YouTube videos.)

Monday the children were playing church, and Naysha got up to lead singing. She said, "Praise the Lord, saints!" - exact quote, with accent, expression, pitch all exactly like our song leader at chapel. I thought we had a guest in the house. :-)

I have been typing my recipes again. When the 3x5 cards get dumped out of their box twice in a week, something has to change.

Bob's new shop chief (who was his supervisor when we first got to Texas, then he moved to Iceland, and then here) told him Monday that he wanted to give Bob time for the gym every day. So far he has, though maybe not today... Bob just called and said he was leaving work (at 5:15) so he either went earlier, or he didn't get to go.

It has been mostly sunny today, but windy. Nice change from the rain since Sunday.

American politics are getting to be disturbing. I am wondering how hard it would be to learn German and move to Switzerland. :-D

Anyway, baby needs me. Happy Thursday.


Ganeida said...

You sure about moving to Switzerland (though they speak French & Italian as well if that helps;))? All the males do compulsory milatry stuff every year & walking down the street you're likely to find a black painted face in the hedge holding a bazooka. True. Scared the living daylights out of me! I don't know about American politics. I don't even follow ur own.

Must be the time of year, or else we're out in sympathy, as we are woggy too. With a full house I hope you are all done soon.

MamaOlive said...

Yeah, I'm mostly teasing about Switzerland. I don't mind the guns so much as the social liberalism, and I guess even Switzerland isn't immune to that. Sigh. They have nice scenery, though.

As for the "woggy" it appears to have been an allergen rather than a cold; Cedwryck was all better yesterday. Only William was still stuffy.

Ganeida said...

The scenery is rather spectacular but unless they've done something about it in the intervening years there are no safety rails. Dearest doesn't like heights & nearly had a connipitation driving on their roads! lol.