Monday, 7 July 2008

Sunday and misc

Odds and ends:

I forgot to mention in the post about Saturday, but it cleared off after lunch, and though it remained windy, was quite nice all afternoon.

I stopped in Tesco for bread and overheard the cashier and the lady in front of me. The cashier said something about the weather (do you think it will rain?) and the customer answered, "I hope so. We'd get spoiled if it was nice weather all the time."

William got two new teeth yesterday.

We got ready for church with the usual difficulty of finding shoes, matching clothes, and brushing hair, etc. Ella was looking exceptionally beautiful, so I asked Bob to take her picture. So when we all got ready we went out to the grassy area between groups of houses (sort of behind our garage) to take pictures. Bob got a few of Ella, then Naysha, and had started Taryn when it came an English downpour. Nothing like a real downpour, but it tries. So we all ran to the van and got it, covering the cameras from the rain. Then Bob turned the key in the ignition and nothing happened. We checked that the lights weren't left on or anything, and then started looking for an umbrella so Bob could check under the hood. By the time I unearthed his raincoat it had stopped raining. So he got out and wiggled a wire which made the door locks go, and then another one; got back in the car and it started right up. The battery cable had come loose. With 20/20 hindsight we recognized the clues from yesterday when I noticed the radio clock was reset to 12:00.
When we arrived at the BX/Chapel parking lot and got out, the passenger side power sliding door wouldn't go. That thing is heavy to open the old-fashioned way! So I guess whatever made the door lock sound disabled the power door.

We went into the BX for lunch and to shop for Riah new shoes and a few other things. We ate first - I had a chicken salad from the sandwich place, Bob had a sandwich, and the children all had pizza. Did I mention that the gross AAFES-sponsored Anthony's Pizza and the hot dog stand beside it had closed, and we now have Pizza Hut? They only serve personal pizzas and "large" pizzas, which are really a medium. (That and wings and breadsticks.)

Then we went to look for shoes. You never know what you will find back there. Bob located a pair of boys size 2 on the clearance shelf, $35 with 50% off (for new price of $17.50) and Riah liked them, but they were a little big. So I looked on the regular shelf and they had $10 shoes. They even had cheap toddler shoes! I found one style in a size 2, and Riah liked those, too, but they were too small. (No 2 1/2 or 3 in any of the cheap styles.) So we decided on the first pair. Then off to find underwear, a billfold, and ponytail holders.

It was 15 minutes till church time when we started across the parking lot, but the previous service was still going, so ours started a little late. It was our chaplain's last Sunday so there were a few good-byes.

Then we headed home, where I made a dessert (it was a high calorie day) and Bob (who is a genius) fixed our toilet with a plastic water bottle, and it now works better than ever.

Once again I have forgotten something clever one of the children said, so I guess that's it for now.


Mrs. Darling said...

I put a Mr Linky up on the diet blgo if you want to link to a you daily food intake.

LC said...

Being married to a genius has it's advantages. :)

CassieHumble said...

We have the nasty Anthony's pizza here, along with all the other regulars.. Charley's, Popeyes, Subway, Burger King.. I sure wish there were some better (healthier) options. I eat at Subway occasionally but everything else makes me sick. We have a Taco Bell at Grafenwoehr (we have to drive there for a px now since they took ours away) so we have that once in a while. I kindof miss all the choices back home but I suppose it is better for us to eat at home anyway. :)