Wednesday, 2 July 2008

nothing new

Sunday when we were on base for church, I forgot my WIC vouchers, so we didn't stop for groceries. Which meant we were running low, so last night we rushed dinner and then went to the base. Naysha and the babies went with me to get groceries while Bob took the other 3 to check mail, wash the car, and go in the BX. William slept half-way through the store, then was awake and happy up till we got in line, and grumped all through the check out. But we made it, and I think I got all the important stuff.

Riah's cut is nearly healed. He still has a bump there, but the scab is gone. He's been praying every night for his "hurt" to go away.

After gaining a total of 3 lbs last month, I've decided to get serious about this diet thing. Bob is with me 100%. What we are doing is counting calories, with "high" days and "low" days. Monday and Tuesday are low, Wednesday is high, Thursday and Friday are low, Saturday and Sunday are high. A low day has 12-1500 calories, and a high day has 18-2000. In two days I lost 3 lbs (yes, I weighed each day), and I really wasn't hungry yesterday. Though it was hard to eat only one of Naysha's homemade strawberry muffins. yummy.

The children's computer - the desktop - is not behaving well, so we are browsing for a new one. Yeah, I know. We shop a lot. This is the computer that Bob had set up for video editing. It was a custom built to begin with, and then when he got the video bug he got more memory, a bigger hard drive, a high-end graphics card with tv in/out plugs... Only it turned out to be a WHOLE lot of work, and we ended up getting a DVD burner that hooks up to the TV and VCR and just burned straight onto it that way. Anyway, now the computer thinks it doesn't have a lot of memory, and it doesn't think it has a graphics accelerator. Bottom line, a lot of the children's cheap games won't run. And then the case broke, and the power switch broke. And if we could figure out which motherboard to buy so it would all work together, by the time we got one, and a new case (which would probably then need a new power supply and fans) it would be cheaper to just get a new one. So there you have it.

Sunday Bob got a big white board (write on, wipe off kind) and the children have had a blast with it. Instead of asking to play the computer they ask to draw. :-) I used it for the little ones' math yesterday. I have to limit the time on it because the markers are so stinky.

It was almost hot yesterday - my thermostat read 85* in the sun. LOL, we are getting so spoiled. I hope our next assignment isn't in Arizona.

I know somebody said something really funny yesterday, but now I can't remember what it was. Oh well, I guess that's it then.

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