Thursday, 24 July 2008

You did it and I found it

The children have a book of "reward" stickers, intended (no doubt) to be placed on school work as a motivator. They like to have them on the back of the hand, or whatever.

Yesterday Cedwryck picked out a sticker and asked me what it said. I read it to him, "You did it!"
His defensive reply: "No, I didn't!" Azariah wandered by and heard Cedwryck's statement, so he asked, "You didn't do what?" Cedwryck insisted, "I didn't do anything." :-D

And, cool stuff today... I walked the children down to the village shop to get bread and see about fruit (We are planning a fun weekend). The fruit didn't look that great, but I found PLAIN CHOCOLATE Hobnobs!!!!!!!!! Now this is only spectacular news if you've ever had a Hobnob - they are a British "biscuit" that is really an oatmeal cookie, and have chocolate on one side. Now, I've been to England before, and learned enough to know that "plain" chocolate is "dark" chocolate, and that it goes great with Hobnobs. But since we've been here this time we've only seen the milk chocolate hobnobs, and they are good enough, but not like the plain ones. So I was thrilled to see this tube at the store (honestly, I'd decided that they must not make them anymore and had given up on it). They also have Fry's Peppermint Creams - a dark chocolate candy bar filled with creamy peppermint - that are pretty good, and also hard (but not impossible) to find. AND they sell my favorite ice cream bar (I posted about it when I first had one) individually, so I had to get one. I got each of the children a vanilla something (small and not too messy) - Taryn said it was like the pudding pops we made recently. My bar cost as much as all 4 of theirs. It is warm today. I'm glad we made the walk in the morning - it's over a mile there and back, and we were sweaty by the time we got home.

How cool is this - I typed "feet in a mile" in my search window at the top of my Firefox browser, and it popped up "= 5280 feet" - I didn't have to search for a webpage and then look it up!

Anyway, have a blessed weekend. I'll tell you all about it when we get back.


Dawn said...

Cedwryck is cute. :-)

Hmmm maybe when it gets cooler here in Texas I might pay you to send me some of those Hobnobs...they sound yummy! :-)

It's hot here in Texas...100 degrees or higher..ugh...

I noticed in Germany it's been between upper 60's and upper 80' about perfect weather there!

I look forward to hearing all about your weekend! Mine will be spent continuing trying to get my home in some type of normal...and of course going to church too. :-)


MamaOlive said...

Thanks for commenting, Dawn. I'm still reading your blog, too; sounds like you have your hands full.
I *know* how hot Texas can be! Summer of 06 was terrible, and I was pregnant, and we were living in a trailer house, and the A/C didn't work right! We spent a lot of time at the neighborhood Dairy Queen. :-)
It's about 10 degrees cooler here than Germany, and I'm loving it. Course, the other night it got down to 50 and we almost had the heat on!

I have a recipe that is close to
hobnobs, not that you want to cook in the heat, either. Maybe I'll get it posted soon.

Anonymous said...

I love Ced's "I didn't do it!" Makes me wonder what he DID do. LOL
Missed talking to you this week. How about a Monday morning call?