Monday, 7 January 2013

Why do I blog anyway?

Good question. There are lots of reasons, of course, including the fact that my memory is very bad, and it's good to have a (sketchy) record of some life events.

But recently I was thinking, and it occurred to me that when I write, I really am looking for some form of validation or affirmation. That is a little surprising, considering my self-proclaimed loner status and my penchant for all things practical over anything sentimental. But I DO have feelings and needs after all, and what better way to proclaim them than a public blog post? (little chuckle at myself).

Anywho, I once read a book that I'd bought for Bob (he never read it), called For Men Only. And it had a chapter that said inside every woman is a little girl, dressed up in her fancy clothes and twirling around, asking her Daddy if she looks pretty. Not that "pretty" is necessarily what I'm wanting to hear (I'm past thinking that is how I'll ever be honestly described), but it's nice to sometimes be reminded that I'm smart, or funny, or even principled or honest.

Mostly I just like to know that what I've said makes sense to somebody besides me (even if I'm wrong).

Hmm. This didn't start out as a quest for comments, but it is starting to sound like one. Basically just trying to be a little introspective.


mrshojo said...

It isn't often that I drag myself into the comments section of a blog anymore :o) I think you are pretty, honest, interesting and even if I disagree with something you say, who cares right? so long as we are reading xc

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, Carolyn. I think you are a hoot. :-)

Wil said...

Introspection is a handy tool, as long as it's kept in moderation. ;-)

Having known you for [amount removed] years, I do find it oddly out-of-character for you (even subconsciously) to seek affirmation or validation. Perhaps more than anyone I've known, you've always struck me as someone completely secure.

Principled/honest are also words I'd definitely ascribe to you, again perhaps more than anyone I know. Smart? Definitely.

Funny? Humor is a difficult thing to convey in the written word; how many times have I written something that I thought was funny and my readers took it seriously? :-)

Wil said...

Some other reasons to blog (my reasons):

* So I don't have to write/type/say the same thing multiple times to multiple people -- they can read it if they want to, and I only have to say it once. If someone claims: "Oh, I didn't know that about you", I can respond with a superior tone: "It's been on my blog fairly often" while thinking: "If you cared, you'd be reading." :-)

* To keep track of my life's events, no matter how boring. It's already come in handy to have a journal/diary/blog throughout the years. Many times I've gone back and found information that I needed/wanted.

* To clear my head... This is the same reason I used to write poetry -- for me, writing is cathartic. In the same way you might feel better after venting to a good friend or spouse, I feel better after venting to my journal/blog, even if no one ever reads it.

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, Wil. You're my favorite older brother. :-p

Those are all excellent reasons to blog. Anything that gives an excuse to use a superior tone has to be worthwhile. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Another reason to blog: to give your parent who doesn't see you very often a glimpse into your lives. :)