Friday, 25 January 2013

Daniel 6 months

Daniel turns 6 months tomorrow. Yesterday, he sat himself up for the first time. Today, he's an old pro at it. All of his toys that had become boring are now interesting again when viewed from such lofty heights.
Bob took some pics of him for the occasion (and a class): they are on Flickr but marked private so you have to be signed in as a friend or family to see it. I did, however, think I might share a few oldies I found while going through my files.


Wil said...

A bunch of cuties. :-)

I did see the pictures of Daniel this morning (on Flickr), but was afraid to comment with the wrong name (since they weren't labeled). But then I saw Mom had commented with "Daniel" in her text, so I was relieved. :-)

He seemed so big, I worried that I'd say "Daniel" and it would turn out to be a different one.

Wil said...

Oh, and great photos by the way. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. Always makes me smile to see pictures of the children. mums