Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Blood, sweat, and tears

Not exactly in that order, though.

Bob and I woke up at 7:45 to the phone ringing. It was Daniel's doctor, calling to cancel his 6 month checkup that was scheduled for this morning, because she was sick.

Then we got moving and realized that Naysha was sick, too. Fever of 102ish and headache, but still eating and talking. THEN we realized that Daniel was also a little warm. Took his temp at 101ish. He provided the tears, as well as a rather non-stop fussy wail. He vocalizes pretty constantly most days, and today was no different, just the tune was a little more bluesy.

Bob went into town anyway, picking up our first ever order with Azure Standard, which I plan to review soon, and going for a few other things.

The blood came a little later in the day, as the children were playing outside (it was around 70* all day). I heard (amongst the usual cacophony) a few distinct shouts: "it's bleeding!" "Take him in" "Get Mama" "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" I went to the door, steeling myself against whatever might appear. William was walking/being led to the house with blood streaming down his face, screaming all the way (as were all the others). I took him into the bathroom, asking "what happened?", but he was too frightened to answer. I pressed a rag on the wound while wiping the blood from his face with another rag, and he finally calmed down enough to ask if he was going to die.  No, baby, it's just a cut. Turns out that they were playing some fight/police game, and Riah had thrown his sword at William (a homemade, wooden sword with nails not quite hammered in smooth). We got the head cleaned up and discovered a small (maybe 1cm), clean cut that wasn't too deep and was already almost stopped bleeding. After a few more minutes of pressure we put on a drop of liquid bandaid that stung like crazy, and then it was all better.  We're guessing that it was actually a nail that grazed him, since there isn't any swelling around the cut.

Never a dull moment.


Wil said...

Rebecca's already wanting to sword fight with me (she saw it on Xena, a TV show). So far, we're using the plastic pipe-things that come as vacuum-cleaner attachments.

With another baby on the way, I'll keep your story in mind. :-)

MamaOlive said...

For combat-approved swords, Bob got some floaty noodles, pushed a dowel up the inner core/hole to make a handle, and wrapped the whole thing in duct tape for added durability. Works pretty well.
The wooden swords that the boys made are supposed to be for show only.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.
Small head cuts can bleed a terrific amount of blood. Quite frightening. I am glad it was minor. mums

Unknown said...

Yep. Always wonder why mine still have all their eyes after the home~made bows & arrows. At least one child was pierced through her eyebrow...