Sunday, 6 January 2013

one tired Mama

I've had a busy day or two.
Yesterday we had People come over, one of whom Daniel didn't like, so I had to hold him the whole time they were here. And before they got here there was the cleaning and the cooking.
Today was Cedwryck's birthday.
Somehow in the last two days I roasted a turkey for the first time, made soaked wheat dinner rolls, a birthday cake, cinnamon rolls, chili, fruit salad, chicken bone broth; shopped a sale, helped clean the house, keep the fire,  etc.... Last night Daniel was in a funk (he's a little congested) and wouldn't go to bed until 1am.  I dreamed about turkeys all night and woke up at 6.

Today we had the 1st annual Cedieval games. There was rock throwing at the frozen pond (keep one eye closed at all times), Sword fighting (thrusting only, with both eyes closed, and only when standing on one foot), Angry Birds (by rolling marbles at plastic animals on Jenga blocks), Archery (with a wooden bow and a PVC arrow), Face Making (the tongue must protrude at all times), and the Obstacle Course (go round, round, round the see-saw). The main rule was "the rules are made up and the points don't matter."

In the midst of that, we found out that our friend fell off a scaffold and crushed both his heels. He had surgery this morning. I tried to help them locate a wheelchair, but couldn't find what they needed, so they will rent one. My heart is heavy as I think of their needs, but I know God is good and they do have a strong support system within their family and their church.


Wil said...

""the rules are made up and the points don't matter"

Did you used to watch a lot of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"? :-)

The Cedieval games sound fun!

MamaOlive said...

THAT's the name of the show! Yeah, we used to watch it sometimes.

We did have fun. Perhaps Bob will load some pics on Flickr now that he's upgraded his account there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you've been busy! I'm sure the children enjoyed the party; wish I could have been there. mums