Wednesday, 23 January 2013

computer work

I've been working on my computer a bit; typing up a Purim play that we're going to do, transferring all my pictures from the laptop, and labeling them.

In between trips to town, that is. And birthdays.

Meanwhile, Daniel has learned to crawl, sit up, and stay up all night. He makes up for it by smiling a lot and giving hugs and kisses.

Naysha is starting to get a grip on reading, and Ella is doing well with beginner phonics.

All the boys are outgrowing their jeans again.

I thought I had something interesting to say, but I guess I'm pretty tired. Oh, well. :)


Anonymous said...

Tired is understandable. :/

When you finish organizing and labeling your pictures, there are several thousand on computers and in boxes here that need organizing. :) If I could only force myself to label them the minute they are put on the computer!

Love, mums

Wil said...

"If I could only force myself to label them the minute they are put on the computer!"

Doing exactly that has been a lifesaver for me -- it's something I learned to do when working for the newspaper and taking hundreds of photos each week.

For the past several years, I've never taken a photo that didn't get put into a date/event labeled folder as soon as I copied it from the camera. This means you don't even have to open the folder later; the title says what it was. And I usually edit the folder's name after uploading to Flickr, so I'll know it's been processed:

"20131011 Rebecca's 3rd birthday (s28,L160) - OnF"

(The part in parantheses tells me which lens/flash I used, my own shorthand.)