Thursday, 26 August 2010

Vacation Blog Day 16

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I’ll admit I’m writing this one on Monday. Any rate…

First thing Sunday morning, we regretted staying up until midnight to watch Casino Royale. So to make up for it, we stayed up Sunday night until midnight, watching The Pianist. It’s a movie about Poland in WW2, and I can’t recommend it because of the graphic violence, but one part made me laugh. The hero, a Polish Jew, managed to survive the years of German occupation, only to be shot at by the Russians because he had on a German officer’s coat. As he ran for cover he yelled “I’m Polish!” and they stopped firing. He came out with hands up, and they said, “Why the (expletive) coat?” He answered, “I’m cold.”

So between first thing in the morning and midnight, we did laundry (this place has both a tumble dryer and a clothesline), took a walk down the lane, went up to the junction for lunch at McDonald’s and shopping at Tesco. This was a Tesco Extra, and even had an upstairs. It looked HUGE to us, but I know we’ve been in WalMarts that are bigger. We got groceries, a pop-up tent, and some classic outdoor games (we’re thinking Christmas presents). Came home and cooked the lasagna for dinner, along with a most excellent cantaloupe.

While we were out, the owner mowed the grass, and my allergies kicked into high gear. My nose was running constantly, my ears even felt funny. Today I’m breathing hard and coughing. But today is another post.


Wil said...

We *loved* Casino Royale... I haven't seen the Pianist -- I had no idea there was violence in it (with a soft-sounding title like that)..

MamaOlive said...

We didn't regret watching the movie so much as staying up so late to watch it. It was all right... I prefer Pierce Brosnan as Bond.

Hope I didn't ruin The Pianist for you if you choose to watch it. I think it'd be worth your time.