Tuesday, 17 August 2010

an aside

If you are vacationing or living or visiting Swansea and want a place to eat, restaurant, fast food, don't go to McDonald's for burgers, fries, chips, chicken nuggets, hot and cold drinks. McDonald's Swansea charges for ketchup, but won't tell you upfront, or let you order any with your food, and when you are stuck with yucky food that you would like to at least drwon with kethcup so you could maybe eat some before you get sick beacuse you've had nothing to eat for 8 hours, they will do nothing about it because it's a fanchise policy to charge for ketchup even when you order fries and nuggets. The so called manager would rather lose your business and upset every other customer in the place than 5p. He also won't give you money back on the gross food that you can't eat because you need ketchup. He already has your money so what does it matter to him? He doesn't care if your children go to bed hungry. It's franchise policy. He'll be happy to go get the franchise office phone number while you wait and your food gets cold, but won't let you use the phone to call them, because he knows the phone call costs more than the ketchup anyway.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your bad experience at McDs.
I have enjoyed reading about your trip, though I don't always have time to comment.
Enjoy! mums

Wil said...

This is the kind of thing I always report on McDonalds.com. They have a quick response time, and almost always get back with you for further information.

After reporting the Seminole (Oklahoma) McDonald's for poor service, slow drive-thru times, and incorrect orders, the corporation came down pretty hard on the franchise owner and they shaped up very well.

(I know it doesn't help alleviate the experience you had, but it's good to know that the next person through there can have a better experience.)