Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Vacation Blog Day 13

Thursday, August 12, 2010
This morning we took a break from vacationing. Bob fell asleep in his chair, and the children played pretend upstairs until lunch. We got things together and left the house about 12. First we went to Conwy, thinking of those yummy kebabs and the impressive castle, but we found no parking space in the whole town. So we moved on to Llandudno.

We had lunch at McDonald’s (had to wait for a table), and then went downtown. Got a parking space and started walking. We arrived in the town center at 2pm, and walked up and down the main drag until 6pm. We bought some souvenirs and some famous ice cream. We had KFC for supper, eaten in the grass in front of a church. After supper we went back to the bus and drove over to the seafront, where we got out and built sandcastles until sunset (8:45).

So that was our day. Elijah’s spots have turned rash-y looking (front and back). We remember having seen this on one of the children before, but don’t remember how it turned out.
We forgot to check email at McDonald’s.
We’ve decided the Welsh are much more reserved than the English. And they like to say “probably.” In the last couple of days we have seen “Probably the best fish and chips you’ll ever eat,” “probably the best gift shop in Wales,” and on a brochure “Wales has more castle per square mile than probably any other country.” Are they afraid of being sued for false advertising?


The HoJo's said...

probably are yes :o)


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Wil said...

I guess we Americans mistakenly use "probably" as a synonym for "maybe" and "possibly," when all three words should have distinct meanings and connotations.

"Probably" is supposed to mean "it's probable," as in "very likely." A little strong than the other two. :-)