Friday, 27 August 2010

Vacation Blog Day 17

Monday, August 16, 2010
I didn’t wake up until 7:30 this morning! (Well, thereabouts; there are 6 clocks in this house and they cover quite a range of time.) After breakfast of Tesco cereal, Bob unleashed his plan. He wanted to take me up to Hay-on-Wye, a village known for its book stores. I was cool with that!

We left the house at 9:30, and went to Raglan Castle. We had lunch there and explored the ruins. It was really nice, and I made it up to a tower with not too much trouble. The stairs were nice and deep. :- ) We spent about 2 hours there, and then went on North-East.

At Hay-on-Wye, Bob let me out at the TIC, and he took the children to the nearby playground. He had a full time job keeping Elijah from eating everything he found. I walked up and down and shopped. Bought 3 Hentys, 2 Ballantynes, and 1 A. Conan Doyle, as well as a book on Mull and Iona. The plan was for us to call each other when we were ready to go, but the village doesn’t have cell phone reception. I was heading back to the TIC when Bob found me, and we started home about 5pm.

We stopped for dinner at a shopping center, and our first choice was Pizza Hut, but when we were finally greeted it was to be told that they only had large pizzas left. Huh? Don’t they make it on site? How can you have stuff for a large, but not a small? We started to go ahead, but Bob asked about the “kids eat free” sign, and she responded that yes, they do, but they don’t have the pizza, so it would have to be pasta. Nevermind, we went over to McDonald’s. We are getting a nice collection of glasses by now. (Free with a combo meal.)

Sorry my posts are getting shorter and shorter. There’s more I want to say about the cuteness of the children, etc, but I just don’t have the time or energy to get it out there.


Wil said...

From the cumulative stories about fast food over there, it sounds like they really don't want to participate. So why don't they just shut down the stores and get it over with?

On the other hand, Marline and I have a few stories of our own about fast food catastrophes here in the states, too...

Like the Burger King in Waco where the cashier was standing right there yet never acknowledged our presence, even when we spoke to him.

Or the Sonic in southern Oklahoma where Mom, Marline, and I ordered the same thing as the three people after us, yet all of them were served while we waited...

MamaOlive said...

I guess the proportion of fast-food joints to people works in favor of the fast food over here. They don't have to try because they are all there is.