Thursday, 29 October 2009

A whole week???

Wow, this week is moving fast! SO much for regular updates.

Anyway, Jo was here yesterday, and I got blood test results a little while ago. My iron count is above 10 now, which is the anemia level in this country (12 in the USA), and my ferritin level is within the desired range as well. WooHoo!! After worrying all night last night, and wondering how we'd make it work for a hospital birth, it looks like we are clear to go for the home birth.
I will have to keep taking the iron, and probably get with a GP before long after the baby shows up, to see about my actual health. But as far as the pregnancy goes, I am at least out of the danger zone.

I woke up feeling ill this morning, and have spent nearly all day just laying on the floor. Talking and playing with the children, playing computer games, and dozing off. I really don't want another October birthday! Come Sunday I will be walking around a lot, talking to my belly. :-)

That's really about it as far as what's on my mind. There are some "back burner" topics like Christmas, rearranging furniture, and WHERE did all these flies come from??? We haven't had flies for awhile. As they were hanging around the roses Bob got me for my birthday, I wonder if they didn't come with them. DO flies lay eggs on roses?

It's 65*F, mostly cloudy, at 3:15pm. Been a nice year for weather. Well, 'til next time...


Ganeida said...

Congrats on the iron. Thanks for the B'day wishes & hope the baby waits till Sunday. Personally I'd go with another October Birthday. It's a great month! November is just too close to Christmas! ☺

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! mums