Sunday, 11 October 2009


William turned 2 on Friday. As usual, we celebrated on Saturday so Bob would be home and awake for the cake and presents. Funny, I always have trouble remembering William's birthday because we were expecting Carolyn Ruth on Oct 10. So William was born on Oct 9 and it just threw off my memory bank.
He woke up to balloons and streamers, and then things went on hold for awhile. Well, he did get to pick the morning video - he chose Mighty Machines (a real-life children's video about trucks and tractors and airplanes). Bob woke up pretty early, as Riah went upstairs to dress and then yelled down to me for help with his buttons. We were ready to go by 11. William chose Burger King for lunch. Then we went to Bury St Edmunds for the market. Last week when we went we just didn't find anything, but this week was better. Grapes, plums, pears, broccoli, strawberries, bananas, some chocolate and a photo magazine for Bob. We also bought a gift for our friend. I walked down the hill to a rare book sale while Bob and children went back to the van and drove around to pick me up. I didn't find anything that was both desirable and cheap.
Then we stopped for orange juice and poster board, and got a pasta bake from Pizza Hut for dinner. After eating we had cake - a purple pick-up - and then opened presents. We cheated. Instead of buying toys, I picked some things out of the toy box in the storage room. While I was at it, I got rid of a whole box full of toys that we figured we can do without. Also found a few pair of socks. William was delighted with the cars, and thought the airplanes and the ball were pretty nice, too.

Today was the party of our friend Chloe, who is also 2 now. That's who the gift was for.

Friday I found out that I have crossed the line to anemic. I've had my blood checked 3 times this pregnancy, and each time the iron count goes down, even though my iron intake has increased. That's why the orange juice. Vitamin C helps absorb iron. My midwife called the Ob/Gyn on base for a consult, because this is a little beyond her. Now I have to go have blood drawn at the Base lab on Tuesday (they're closed Monday for Columbus Day), and I have an appointment with the Ob/Gyn on Thursday. So from Friday til Tuesday I will take two vitamins every day, with orange juice (since Saturday), to try to get my levels up. If I can't get it to come back up, I will probably have to have the baby in the base hospital. Because with anemia, I will be more likely to have heavy blood loss, and be less likely to recover from it. And of course you can't get a blood transfusion from a midwife at home. So we are praying and trying not to worry. And now I know why I feel more like taking a nap than cooking dinner.

Bob has pics of William's birthday on his Flickr.


Ganeida said...

MamaO: if it helps my iron always plunged until I became aneimic ~ & I can't take iron supplements. Make me sick as a dog no matter how *natural* they are! However English hospitals don't normally *interfer* with labour at the same level as American ones & you can have your midwife ~ oops. Just occured to me you said *base hospital* & that means American, right? Hm. I think I will just shut up on the subject of hospitals.

My Jossie is in the Oz army [as you may know] & they did compulsory swine flu vacs & I so lose the plot when people start telling me I *have* to do something for my own good when I think that said something is bad. I am all for people running their own risks if they care to take them so unless your iron count is really, really low I wouldn't worry too much. Truly. As I said mine plummented every single time & I had perfectly straightforward labours.

MamaOlive said...

That does make me feel better. :-)
Yeah, the American hospital on base is the one my midwife called. I think I *could* go to a British hospital, but it would mean a referral (for the insurance) and at this point there just isn't time for that. I don't think they'd let the midwife attend me on base, though at this point they are "working together" and I'll still have my midwife checkup on Wednesday.

US military has ordered the swine flu shots, too. Some General actually admitted to the press that it would be a good way to get some feedback on whether or not they would work or cause problems. But joining the military isn't like getting a job; you sign over your whole life.

Thanks for taking time out for me. :-)

Ganeida said...

lol Having a baby is straightforward compared to the rest of my life just now! :( I have been really behind leaving comments & when I do, make so many typos it's embarrassing. Yes, I'm busy, but not too busy to be interested in my friend's lives though unfortunately too busy to make much sense when I comment! ☺ Hugs & prayers for you all. ♥♥

akitchenqueen said...

Okay Shari,
You might think this is a bad suggestion, but I had a quarter-half cup of Guinness Stout nearly every night of my pregnancy with Chloe and I NEVER had a problem with anemia during that pregnancy. I would recommend taking Floradix iron with herbs everyday as an alternative to those constipation causing cheap pills they give you. The combination of both for a few days will certainly save your homebirth efforts and get those pesky base docs off of your case. ALL of my other pregnancies were iron depleted and with Chloe, I was up and going with minimal blood loss.
Hey, I had nearly 2 years of midwifery training so I kinda know the ropes.

I'll be praying for you now go and get the Guinness!

Holland and Barrett carry the Floradix.

MamaOlive said...

Hi KQ, My midwife brought me one jar of Floradix after my second blood test. It is NASTY!! When I took it twice a day (as recommended) I couldn't sleep at night. SO I cut back to once a day, plus eating Multi-grain Cheerios which has 100% USRDA iron. Anyrate, I think she's bringing me another bottle today.
I don't think Bob would like me to try the Stout. I might develop a taste for it. ;-)

Ganeida said...

lol The Guiness is a tried & true standbye out here too! lol Also good for the milk supply. Sadly I can't stand the stuff so it was no use to me either! ☺

Wil said...

Sounds like William had a great birthday... By the way, we loved the pics on Flickr!