Sunday, 18 October 2009


We didn't know what we wanted to do yesterday, but we knew we wanted to do something.

First step, find everyone shoes. Cedwryck couldn't find his new ones, so he wore a pair a size too small.
Next, lock the back door. Except, Taryn locked the keys in the storage building the night before. No fear; I have the second key to the building (and one for the back door) on my key chain. Except, we couldn't find my keys either. So we turned the house upside down looking for my keys. Bob finally found them in the wrong pocket of the diaper bag.
Step three, fill the diaper bag. Taryn was actually doing this when we recruited her to look for the keys. After that was settled, the wet wipes were missing. So we set the house right-side-up again looking for the wipes. Finally gave up and decided to buy a new pack at the shoppette.
Step four, leave before we lose anything else!

So we went to Mildenhall to the BXtra/shoppette and got wipes, construction paper, and some peanut butter M&Ms.

Now what? "Let's go to Thetford," I said. Why? Because it's *right there* and we'd never been. We followed the signs and easily came to the bus station/car park. (Free parking!) It is right on the Little Ouse river, so we stopped and looked at the geese for a minute, then walked through town. First stop, of course, was the camera shop, to price photo paper. We then stopped to look at a statue of Thomas Paine, and as we were trying to remember who he was an elderly man stopped and asked us who Paine was. I said I thought he was an American Founding Father. The man then wondered how he "got here." He went off on everything being American, then explained himself by saying he was Australian. I guess that fact explains a lot of things. ;-) Anyway, Bob crossed the street to read the engravings on the statue while the boys did flips on the bicycle stand.
We made it over to the market, where there were lots of exotic vegetables for sale. Bob stopped for a picture of an old building there, and the key-cutter man asked if we were from "around here." Bob said we were from Arkansas, and the man asked if we had much trouble with the red Indians there. He stood and talked with us for nearly 30 minutes: gave us some history of the town, told about his sister who was a home educator, gave directions to Tesco (turn out, go through the fiddly streets, turn right, then right again, go through a roundabout, pass the little Tesco, keep going, and there it is), teased the boys about having their arms inside their coats, etc, etc. People who say the British are reserved have never been to a market.
Leaving there, we decided to find the Tesco (they still have Magnum ice cream on sale). It was easier to find it than to navigate its parking lot. But what we really wanted was the McDonalds the man had mentioned as being "by Sainsburys" (another grocery store). We didn't get directions to it, but genius Bob managed to drive straight to it. So we had dinner at 4. Went into an electronics store there to compare prices for printer paper.
After that we went to the BX to look at their paper, and bought batteries. Then we came home, where Bob hooked up the cable to his computer and we watched the OU / UT game. :-( It was a good game, though.
Feeling icky, I went to bed "early" - about 10:30. I slept in to 7:42!!! Couldn't believe it.
It's 10 now and Bob's still asleep, so no church today.

Oh, Thursday I went to the Ob/Gyn on base. Waited an hour... blah blah. He doesn't approve of homebirth anyway, but certainly not for those with anemia. He insisted that iron levels take a long time to change, though mine had gone up in a short time. He suggested I get checked out by my general doctor after the baby is born.
So I emailed my midwife and we decided to go ahead checking iron levels weekly, and if it doesn't get worse, I'll be okay to stay home.

Friday when Bob got up, I went to the commissary BY MYSELF. I took my time and bought FOOD. It wasn't "fun," but a great improvement over the normal trips up there.


Ko-Leen said...

I had 'iron issues' with my first two boys, then with my third I ate oatmeal everyday with lots of raisins. No iron problems :)
My mother in law is a midwife who does homebirths, it is so useful to have her around!

Gatto999 said...

Ciao from Italy =^.^=

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made it to Thetford; enjoyed reading about your day. Glad the iron levels are up. Our prayers continue to be with you. mums

Wil said...

I've found that a lot of doctors "insist" on things of which they have no idea. In that way, they remind me of uneducated preachers. :-)

Sounds like your day was an adventure!

kimba said...

Could you please explain what you mean by " OU UT Game". I googled but aside from finding out it's American Football I am none the wiser. I couldn't find anywhere that would tell me what the teams were.

MamaOlive said...

Kim, thanks for asking. OU is the University of Oklahoma (my home state, and my Mother's Alma Mater). UT is the University of Texas (the state of my exile - I've lived there longer than anywhere). The states border each other and the colleges have a strong rivalry.
I was rooting for OU, but they lost (maybe due to the starting quarterback - that's the guy that throws the ball - having to sit out most of the game with an injured shoulder).
This is the one game in the year that I go out of my way to watch.

MamaOlive said...
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Ganeida said...

Glad the iron levels are up. I agree with Will. :P

Too tired still to make much sense ♥♥Hugs♥♥