Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Columbus Day

Yesterday was Columbus Day in USA. We remembered because Bob had the day off work.

We started by going out for lunch at the BX (hadn't done that in a while). While there I saw the signs for a clothing clearance sale - an extra 50% off previous markdowns. So after eating we looked through the clothes. I found a cute set for William. I"m not a "brand name" person, but some are... It was US Polo Assn; two shirts and one jeans together. MSRP was $42, AAFES regular price was $22, 50% off (plus the additional 50%) brought it down to $5.50. Seemed like a good deal to me. We also got 2 shirts for Riah, some glue, and whiteboard markers with cleaner (all on sale), plus 3 rolls of wrapping paper for $22 all together. I was going to get a new mouse, but the guy in the electronics dept said they were cheaper in town - he named a store in Mildenhall.

So we went to Mildenhall and got a mouse.

Then we drove down toward Bury St Edmunds, because Saturday when we went we had to take a detour (they call it a diversion), and Bob saw a church he wanted to photograph, but we didn't stop that day. So we stopped and looked at the church (after cleaning the lens, because the camera fell in the floorboard and rubbed on the gas pedal!). Then we picked some blackberries. Yeah, in October. They were mostly shriveled up, but we found a few. Very good flavor.

Then we drove around to Thetford Forest. No, not the "High Lodge" park that ripped us off so badly last time (and didn't answer my email). Anywhere along the forest, if you can find a place to pull off the road, you can park and go for a walk. No fancy playgrounds, but it's free. We walked around a while, tracked some deer, climbed trees, etc. Cedwryck and I both got in some dog mess that had to be cleaned before we could leave.

It was 4:30 when we left there, and we were already hungry. Headed back toward Brandon... Saw the Brandon Country Park and decided to stop there. It is free, and has a playground, toilets, marked trails... Who needs Thetford Forest High Lodge? The children played awhile til it got darkish (cloudy) and we were all getting cold. While driving through the forest, I saw two deer. They look more like jackrabbits than whitetail...I'm having a hard time reconciling these creatures with the image of Robin Hood crashing the party at Nottingham Castle. :-D

We stopped in Lakenheath for Filipino takeaway. (We kinda blew the budget this paycheck!) On the way home we stopped for pics of the sunset.

Nice day. I only wish I wasn't falling asleep all day.

Time to get ready for piano lessons!

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