Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunny Saturday

Yesterday was very nice. We woke up to sunshine, and decided to go to Bury to the market and the Abbey gardens. It was pretty cold early in the morning, but we hung around until 10 anyway to hit a yard sale that we'd seen advertised.

So we hit the yard sale (and found 3 others), buying a small guitar and a CD case with computer games (that turned out to be incompatible). Bob had a couple of errands to the library and the craft store, and we decided we were hungry. So we went to the BX for lunch, and as we were getting our orders straight we saw our friends from Iceland. They were on the base to get passport photos and shop. We chatted with them for 15 minutes or so, and then had lunch.

After lunch we went back home for the stroller (don't leave home without it!) and headed to Bury. Wonder of wonders! We got a parking spot right in front of the Abbey. First we walked over to the market. Bob got some magazines, and we checked prices at the fruit stands. Usually there are 3 produce stalls; yesterday there were 6. The one on the end was hawking "Strawberries, 2 for a pound!" And they had bowls of stuff for 1 GBP each. SO I got some bananas, zucchini, and strawberries. We pulled over to the side of the pavement and opened the berries. Oh, they were good. We ate the two packs pretty quickly, and bought two more to take home.

Then we went down to the gardens, where we took pictures by the flowers and then let the children run and play. As we'd only paid for 2 hours parking, we headed back to the car and came home.

Oh. We stopped at a book sale on the way to Bury, and got a book called, "How to read churches" and one about herbs. If we'd had more than 5 GBP cash, I'd have bought more. And coming back from the market I also stopped in a couple charity shops, and got a book about "Diggers and 'dozers" and a pair of shoes for Ella.

For dinner the children wanted to go to the club - to the "real" restaurant with bread, silverware, and tablecloths. We hadn't been there in a while, and now we remember why. The service was decent, but the food is just lacking. Pricewise it isn't terrible, as child's dinners are $3.50, and they spend that much at Taco Bell; adult entrees are $12-15. Then there's the wait, which is a bit touchy with young children. Anyway, we made it back home at 7:15, got the children in bed by 8:30, and then I went back up to the commissary to get milk for breakfast.

Long day, but I was only sick for a few minutes before lunch, and I sure enjoyed the outings. The trees are blooming all over the place, there are baby lambs in the field, and the world is just beautiful once again.

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Ganeida said...

I have to admit being pregnant was always the bit I hated about having children. Even labour is preferable! ;D I don't do well with a queasy stomach. Your day sounds lovely & I'm so glad you felt well enough to enjoy it. England in spring is gorgeous.