Monday, 13 April 2009

Dare I say it?

The Lord is teaching me to be happy/peaceful/content/grateful/worshipful despite my circumstances.

On other news, the worship band really rocked yesterday. The Scottish piano player was there, and I think he nearly knocked the keyboard over a time or two. The youthful bass guitar player found his groove about half-way through, and really got going. I haven't heard bass like that since John Harst in our church in San Antonio (when the other guy was there playing lead and singing. When John had to lead the singing he didn't play very much.) Our old people (unlike the ones in SA, who would turn and glare at the sound man) danced and raised their hands and enjoyed it as much as the youth. Most of the congregation worked up a sweat - I know the musicians did.

There was an egg hunt after service, but we high-tailed it out of there. I don't mind public egg hunts, but grouping it with church is nothing short of sacrilege. God was pretty specific about us taking pagan things and using it to worship Him. We tried to have lunch at Burger King (since the roast chicken wasn't ready yet) but the grill was broken and all they had was fried chicken (nuggets, strips, etc), so we went to Taco Bell. Yum. The Oreo cake was very nice (if you don't mind the ants).

Oh, and I know no one who reads this lives in the UK, but for the record, don't try to order picture prints from Tesco. We've tried twice and it didn't work either time. This last time I had a lovely conversation with "customer service" in which he was very sorry but he couldn't do anything helpful, and I decided to go somewhere else.

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