Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Grand central

Most days, I get oh, zero phone calls. Zero knocks on the door. Zero conversations with non-family members.

Today it was non-stop.

First thing, the postman knocked to hand me a package we'd ordered. Well enough; we'd been expecting that.

A few minutes later there was another knock. This time it was a Jehovah's Witness lady. She assumed right away that I was a believer, so just chatted briefly about the Lord's loving care, handed me her paper and went on her way.

Then the phone rang - Bob wanting the number of the Filipino place in town.

Then we got shoes and headed out. Had lunch at Pizza Hut, went to the post office. The line was out the door (it was lunch hour, after all), but I braved it out. A woman in line behind me started chatting with me. First she commented on my hair - she wants hers that long. The woman in front was herding her two little girls, and I said I knew what it was since I had 6. She supposed it got easier when they started school, and I said it didn't really, as we homeschooled. So the woman behind asked why we didn't use regular schools. I said, "Honestly, it's Biblical. The Bible says to teach your children as you get up, eat, walk, etc. There's just no way to get that time in if they're gone to school all day." Then she commented that she was agnostic - she agreed with parts of many faiths. I just nodded, but the man with her gritted his teeth and begged her to not get started on religion as it would get people upset. I promised not to preach. :-) Then she asked about the way I was dressed, and what religion did I claim. I replied that I just try to do what the Bible says. Then she asked if I was against leather and lipstick. I said "leather's okay" which got a good laugh from the man behind her. I would have said the same for lipstick, but it was my turn at the counter.

Back home again, there was another knock on the door. A lady in the neighborhood was curious about where we got our toddler slide, and mentioned a local ad website (looked it up; it's great!).

Then WIC called to remind me of my appt tomorrow. I called Bob to ask if he had a pay statement for this month.

Then Bob called to ask if I went to the hospital today (I'd been to ask for my records). Someone had seen me there.

Wow. Now it's 4:30 and I wonder if it's done yet. I bet the Avon lady comes tonight. ;-)

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Ganeida said...

lol. Some days are just like that. I will e~mail you but thank you in advance. That is terribly sweet of you & much appreciated.
[I typed e~maul & cracked myself up.lol]