Friday, 10 April 2009


Yesterday we did a very modified passover celebration. I bought some matzo, and we had chicken with bitter herbs. (Not planning ahead, I had no lamb on hand.) We were also out of grape juice, so I made some berry-flavored kool-aid. The one "traditional" thing we did was break a piece of matzo, wrap it in a white cloth, and hide it until after dinner. This is just SO symbolic of Jesus, even Cedwryck got it. In spite of a raging headache, Bob led us in a meal-long discussion about passover, Jesus, covenants, etc.

We are teaching our children that Jesus was crucified on Wednesday (that gives us the holy day on Thursday, Friday to buy and prepare spices, Saturday sabbath, and a total of 3 days and 3 nights in the tomb), so we aren't doing anything special today. In fact, Taryn and William had dr checkups today. After that we went out for lunch, and the children told everyone they met to have a "Happy Resurrection Day." :-D They got a couple of "what?"s in reply.
(With the timeline we have, Jesus rose late Saturday night. The Bible doesn't say he rose on Sunday, but that it was early Sunday morning when he was discovered to have risen. That's when the celebration began. When you read the gospel accounts together, this is the timeline that makes sense. Kinda messes with the Sunday sabbath theory a bit, but that doesn't bother me because the early church did meet on Sunday - probably after going to temple on Saturday - and the Bible teaches that there is no significance to keeping one day or another, as long as you keep it to the Lord.)

Sunday we plan to have garlic/rosemary roast chicken, and Oreo cake for dessert. Not sure of the sides yet.

Anyhow... I've made two baby hats. The dishwasher and bread machine are running, the babies are in bed... happy happy.

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Ganeida said...

I've been trying to wrap my head round the math for this. I read it when I was doing my initial reding for Pesach & then had trouble counting. lol. I *think* I've got it now....Happy Easter!

Oh & congratulations on the new little one. I will write properly later as we are away for Easter. My mother nearly died when I told her how many kiddies you have & how old Taryn is! rofl. Liddy is used to my friends. ;) I am happy for you.