Thursday, 2 April 2009

April already

I stayed offline yesterday, having been warned of a major virus being launched for April Fool's day. I guess I didn't miss much.

Another computer related issue: Bob's wireless mouse got lost a few days ago. We've looked everywhere and it has not been found. So he used my OLD notebook wireless mouse for a day and that was enough to finish it off. So he stopped and bought a new one. It is the same brand as his old one - in fact, I think he's still using the old receiver with it. But for some reason, now he gets interference from my laptop wireless mouse. He was browsing Ebay, and I was 10 feet away, playing a game, when he noticed portions of text being randomly highlighted and the page began scrolling. It was me. So now when Bob is home I have to use the built in touch pad.

Bob gets another 3 day weekend starting tomorrow. I wonder if we'll make it out this time. I'm thinking Lincoln is worth a visit, but we'll have to see how things go.

Meanwhile I'm still waiting for my parents to get their plane tickets so I have definite dates for planning the summer excursions. Bob and I hope to get away for a couple of days - we will fly up to Edinburgh and walk around a lot. And we will all go on a road trip to Holmfirth because they are big fans of "The Last of the Summer Wine." We might even go from there on up a bit, through the Lake District and to Hadrian's Wall. That will be a trip to remember.

For now, Taryn needs help brushing her hair.


Ganeida said...

Oh do do the Lake District. It is super gorgeous & you would love it. St George & the dragon, Lancelot & Elaine country.

MamaOlive said...

If you say so. ;-)
It was one of the places on my list when we got here. But then, so is Loch Ness, and it doesn't look like we'll make it that far. (Or Iona, or Lindisfarne, either. Don't get me started; I'll cry.)

Anonymous said...

And don't forget James Herriet's museum! jc

Ganeida said...

OK, I'm an Aussie & my idea of distance is a little more flexible than some but truly, if you make the lake District Loch Lomond (& Ness) is only a hop, spit & a jump away, just the other side of the border. If you have to choose do the Lake District because it is absolutely spectacular & there is so much to choose from! I'll give Iona & Lindisfarne are a *leetle* further away...:D Still doable though, even with kiddies in tow. Mind you you are talking to the girl whose father regularly did Sydney to Brisbane (a distance of 600 miles) in one day, stopping for nothing bar petrol. ;)

Dawn said...

Did ya check the children's toyboxes and under their beds for the mouse? Maybe they hid it in a cereal box. :-)

That virus had everyone freaking out. I was thinking, if it gets in my computer and destroys everything, then so be it. Bye bye laptop. It's just a computer, it's not a neccesity, just a luxuary. Too many people forget that sometimes. :-P

Hope your April is going good for you. So far, so good here in Texas for us!

Bless you!