Thursday, 18 December 2008

Sleep, please

So the next door neighbors have had a security light since before we moved in. It comes on whenever their cat walks by and stays on for 2 minutes. We thought that was bad.


Yesterday the neighbors across the sidewalk got a security light. It comes on whenever I wiggle my toes in my bed, stays on for 3 seconds and then flashes on again. Besides that, it is pointed straight at our house. Even with blinds and blackout curtains, it kept me awake all night. It wouldn't have been worse if one of the children was at the foot of my bed with a flashlight. On, off, on, off, on... Like sending morse code on a telegram or something. Gahhhh!

Is there a polite way to tell your neighbors their light needs adjusting? Cause if their bedroom is the one on the back of their house, they probably don't know. I wish we had a BB gun - that might fix it. :-D

Anyway, today I'm making more cookies for Bob's airmen. Wednesday he took some to the spouses of the deployed - Chocolate with oatmeal, Kix peanut butter cookies, and ginger snaps. The airmen get the choc and ginger, plus a cinnamon/orange, and maybe one other that I'll think of before too long. I've never made ginger snaps before, but I liked this recipe when I tried it at an Icelandic Christmas baking thing that we went to WAYYYY back in 2000 - yes, I've sat on the recipe for 8 years!

Time to get William up.

ETA (that's "edited to add" not "estimated time of arrival): Upon waking properly, we discovered that it isn't our motions setting off the light, but the vine growing up the wall that it's mounted to. Every puff of wind wiggles a leaf in front of the sensor and turns the light on. blah.

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Ganeida said...

Ugh! I hate those stupid lights! Luckily we don't have neighbours. I was spewing when the neighbour in the next street got a street light. There's no traffic. Why would you need a street light?