Friday, 26 December 2008


We went to the bases today for after-Christmas sales. The furniture store was closed, and the commissaries were closed, but the BX and the BXtra were open. The BX - the main store on Lakenheath - had Christmas stuff 50% off. We found a sparkly silver dress that will fit Naysha once I hem up the sleeves marked 75% off $29. And we got a tub of candy and something for Taryn's birthday. When we went to check out, the candy rang up 1/2 price, and then the checker took off 50%, so the $8 chocolates weer only $2. WooHoo!
At the BXtra Christmas stuff was marked 75% off. Bob got some chocolate covered peanuts and I got a lighted 36" nativity thing (to stand up outside), and a wooden lighted nativity for inside. Once again, they rang up 75% off, and then the checker took another 75% off that. So the $35 nativity came out to something like $3.
They didn't have any shoes in my size, but you can't beat cheap chocolate. :-)


Ganeida said...

Chocolate is always good. :) Mind you the darker & bitterer the better. I'm going to be pleased to go back to normal. All this excitement is getting too much for me.

MamaOlive said...

Hey, when you find "normal" would you let me know? I've heard so much about it but I've never been there. ;-)

I go dark up to a point... this 80% cocoa stuff is just too much.

Ganeida said...

Normal madness that would be. ;D

I don't do milk chocolate. Too sweet ~ & that's from someone who eats condensed milk straight from the can! 80% cocoa is GOOD!

Wil said...

Yes, Chocolate is always good. I ate your Fry's chocolate gifts for Christmas (THANKS!) and promptly developed several pimples... But it was WELL worth it. :-)