Friday, 19 December 2008

To-do list

Forgive me for "thinking out loud" here, I'm trying to figure out the next 3 weeks.

(I slept better last night, except I stayed up late and woke up early, so still very sleepy.)

Tomorrow is a weekend. I was going to look up some free stuff and see if anybody was doing something special for Christmas.

Tonight is a Christmas carol service in Cheveley and I want to go.

Next Thursday is Christmas. We have all the shopping done (I think). We are having finger foods that start with "c" (no reason, it just worked out that way) - chicken crouquets (or maybe packets), cheese and crackers, carrot sticks, chocolate fondue. I have to get the stuff for the fondue. I also want to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Should get sausage, too.

Bob works 12s Mon-Wed and has off Thurs and Fri. I'm thinking groceries on Monday - will fruit for dipping keep that long? I want tacos one day - tonight would be great, but I'm out of ground beef so it'll be Monday night.

The week after is New Year's, and Bob is supposed to be off work. Hopefully we will get some things ready for moving. What can we do? On the 2nd FMO is picking up our wardrobes, fridge, and dryer. They all have to be clean - including the dryer lint free. Any tips?

The 5th is Cedwryck's birthday. We need to get him something. Maybe the BX will have an after Christmas sale? He wants to watch a movie and go to the park if it's not too cold. And a race car cake (same as he had for his 2nd). Easy peasy.

The 8th Bob goes to the new house and the movers come to pack up. We will make a trip to the base that evening to take our cold stuff to the new fridge (and eat?). The 9th the movers load up the stuff and take it to the new house. We'll take the stuff they won't. We don't want to pack either vacuum, because we want to do the new house before the stuff gets there, and do the old house after the stuff is gone. We have to make sure nothing that belongs here (like window keys) gets packed, plus our cleaning stuff and fragile/valuable stuff like computers, purses, jewelry. So I guess that all needs to be sorted somehow beforehand.

The 10th and 11th we get to scrub the house top to bottom. I'm wondering if we ought to hire a carpet cleaner. Will it help or be a waste? If carpet cleaner foam doesn't get out a stain when it's fresh, will a steamer thing get it out when it's old?

Also, sometime close to moving out I need to fill out the online forms (or call) to get our final water and electric bills. I've already called BT about the phone and internet - they get an error message and will call me back. Right. It was supposed to be done by this Monday, then Wednesday, then next Monday. I wonder...

Ummm, what else?

I'm afraid I'll forget something very important.

Of course, this is on top of all the daily cooking, cleaning, training, washing that must continue to keep our little family going smooth.

Okay, i think I've got a handle on it now; thanks for listening. And if you have any cleaning advice or whatever, I'd love to hear it.

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