Sunday, 14 December 2008


Yesterday we had a goal of going to the market in Bury St Edmunds to get Bob some photography magazines. One of the regular merchants there sells back issues of all sorts of magazines for a good price, and Bob got a photography one there a few weeks ago that he can't find other places.
It was just above freezing, and very windy, so we all bundled well. The boys had sweats under their trousers, the girls had hose and leggings under their skirts, and we all had on two shirts under our coats.
As we came into Bury on the industrial side, I asked if we were going to the Warehouse superstore there. Sure, why not? It was just opening as we arrived - perfect timing. So we walked through the store (stopping at the toilets, of course), and got a long handled squeegee for washing the house windows. Bob wouldn't let me get flower bulbs for the new house. :-( We looked at furniture (I want a book shelf for Christmas) and basically wandered through. Then Bob took the children to the car while I went back and got some Christmas presents.

At this point it was raining pretty consistently, and still really cold, so we decided to skip the hours of walking outside. We went to Mildenhall for lunch, and finished the Christmas shopping in their toyland. Wow, that sounds so simple in print. It took just over 3 hours.
The shopping Saturday was to buy things from the grandparents, who sent money for the purpose.

I think we are set for a good Christmas, and it cost us very little out of pocket. I did spend some time on Ebay, but it was well worth it.

Today is Bob's birthday, and we are going to the church Christmas dinner after meeting today. (And then to the commissary for milk etc). He has tomorrow off work, as a thank you from the Capt for Bob's help with the squadron Christmas party.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day. Happy birthday Bob. jc

Ganeida said...

Happy Birthday to Bob, though frankly no~one should have a birthday in December! :) Dearest's is the 26th & no~one ever wants to celebrate. :(

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns, Bob. (I trust Shari to tell you.)

Melody Plainview said...

Happy Birthday to Bob! And Congratulations on nearing the end of your shopping goals! Keep warm, my friend!