Thursday, 25 December 2008


It was fun.

Last night Bob got off work early, so went into Newmarket to see the lights and sights. We went into a couple of stores and got some good deals at Woolworths, which is closing. Then we drove out to a nearby village to a street that was featured in the paper for having so many lights on display. We parked and walked through; it was nice.
Then we had dinner and did our normal thing.

This morning we opened presents - something like 10 each for the 4 older ones, plus several for me, a few for Bob, and a few each for the two little ones. It took too long. (We've decided next year we will do the presents in rounds. Everybody get one or two, then go play for awhile. Come back later, do another round...) Then we had breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls, eggs, and sausage. Then we played with all the new stuff, loaded the pictures on Flickr, and hung around til lunchtime. Lunch was chicken cones - like chicken packets, but I added the stuffing mix to the filling, cooked the crescent rolls in cone shapes, and stuffed them. It was good. And the cheese I bought at the last bazaar with crackers, and fudge with dippers. It was supposed to be fondue, but it wasn't, really. Oh, well, it was all good anyway.

The haul:

New cell phone (his old one stays charged for a few hours)
personal trimmer
dark Lindt truffles
Lakenheath/Mildenhall mug
Burt's Bees chapstick (from Heather)

Coupon for a furniture item of my choice
wireless mouse (my computer fell off the couch on the old one's receiver thing and it's getting pretty sad)
a Celtic/Viking brooch
some candy
blank book (from Heather)

lap harp (from Wil and Marline)
doll (from Bob's Grandma)
dress (from my Mom)
diary set (from Heather)
colored pens
tootsie roll bank
mold and paint picture frames

Nurse costume (from Wil and Marline)
doll (from Bob's Grandma)
Caddoo game (from my Mom)
necklace and mini dogs (from Heather)
star costume
purple fancy dress
tootsie roll bank
mold and paint magnets

penguin costume (from Wil and Marline)
play tool set (from Bob's grandma)
(joint with Ced) Robin Hood play castle set (from my Mom)
giant inflatable basketball (from Heather)
dress shirts
policeman costume
tootsie roll bank
Paint and make airplane

T-Rex costume (from Wil and Marline)
play tool set (from Bob's Grandma)
castle set (joint with Riah)
giant inflatable football (from Heather)
policman costume
Robin Hood costume
tootsie roll bank
paint and make car

doll (from Bob's grandma)
shoes (from Mom and Dad - sorry I didn't give him credit for everyone else's)
little furry dog (from Heather)
farm felt play set

push and go dog toy
blinking flashlight baby toy

I *think* that's it! Never mind the trampoline which will stay apart until after the move. Yes, two weeks and we move. I'm fine, really; thanks for asking. ;-)

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Ganeida said...

oooh! Pics of the pretty broach for your nuty Celtic friend! :) Sounds like you had a lovely time. Happy Christmas my friend! :)