Thursday, 9 October 2008

All roads lead to Deborah

Well, today is William's birthday, and a whole week since my last post, but maybe I'll get to that later.
In my morning reading and blog-hopping, I saw this article about Sarah Palin and Deborah.
If you are following US politics, the connection to Palin will be of interest, but if you aren't (Ganeida), just skip the intro and conclusion and the part about Deborah is interesting.

I personally liked this quote from John Knox
...particular examples do establish no common law. ... But who hath commanded, that a public, yea a tyrannical and most wicked law be established upon these examples? The men that object the same, are not altogether ignorant, that examples have no strength, when the question is of law... For of examples, as is before declared, we may establish no law, but we are always bound to the law written, and to the commandment expressed in the same. And the law written and pronounced by God, forbiddeth no less that any woman reign over man, than it forbiddeth man to take a plurality of wives, to marry two sisters living at once, to steal, to rob, to murder or to lie. If any of these hath been transgressed, and yet God hath not imputed the same: it maketh not the like fact or deed lawful unto us.

How many arguments have I heard (while at a particular Christian chat forum) that tried to do precisely that - say a thing is lawful because someone else has done it!
So anyway, there's my 'meddling' done for the day. Hopefully I can come back later and chat about William's birth and growth.


Ganeida said...

Mmm~hmm. I love you too much to argue with you on~line. I think your premise is correct but your conclusion is wrong. lol. It is indeed a wonderous world the Lord made wherein His people needs must agree to disagree. BTW, Deborah is a poor example to use.

Ganeida said...

Argh! I posted before I finished talking. How like me is that?!

I noticed while on the mainland today that Christmas decorations are already hitting the shops & I still have your card from last year & if you are to get it this year I must post it shortly sooo I send it to the last adress you gave me?

MamaOlive said...

I sent you an email about the address.

I don't think there's much point in arguing, as we are both pretty firm in our thoughts on the topic. I'm glad we get along anyway. :-)

Ganeida said...

I am super glad we get along. I love having you for my friend. :D And the e~mail is found. It went to the other address & I don't check that quite so often but I have it now & will set about rectifying last year's sin of omission!

Anonymous said...

I've read the article and intend to read it again. It was very thought provoking; I got interrupted several times toward the end of reading the article (why I want to reread it).