Sunday, 19 October 2008


So are you tired of me verbally drooling over the good fruits yet? If so , maybe skip this part.

Yesterday we went to the market at Bury St Edmunds, just because. To keep it short (haha), I was looking at a fruit stall and the man called out "2 for 2 pounds on raspberries and strawberries." So I took a look - similar amounts of strawberries were on sale for over $4 at the commissary yesterday, and here I could get 2 for $3.40. SO I bought two packages and we walked on. Later we were hungry, so I opened a pack and handed everybody a berry. WOW!!! It was SOOOOOO good. They didn't look like much - pink more than red - but if I've had a better berry it hasn't been since we were in Iceland, where we'd buy a pack every time we went to the walking mall in Reykjavik, and Taryn, age 1 1/2, called it "ice cream." We quickly consumed the whole package, and went on to the playground, but on our way back through the market I bought two more packs. I also got a cauliflower - a big, pretty one - for 60p, and a pineapple for 1GBP, and 4lbs of bananas for 1GBP. Can't beat the prices, esp with the currant exchange rate of 1GBP=$1.72.
We ate another carton of berries when we got home, and I had most of a third for my bedtime snack. I can't wait to go back next week and see if they have more. :-) I wish I'd thought to ask where they are from, or if he knew the variety. I would plant fields of them if given the chance. Better than ice cream. Wow.


Ganeida said...

Ooooh, yes! England's berries & stone fruit are incomparable. My DH said the pineapples were horrible but we live in pineapple mecca [I can't stand the things myself] & England imports hers from goodness knows where. Enjoy while the season lasts.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm drooling. I have not found any really good fresh fruit this summer -- it has all been higher prices than last year and no flavor. Enjoy some for me. mums