Monday, 20 October 2008

party of the people

In America, it has long been understood that the Democratic party is 'for the people' and the Republican party is 'for the rich' or 'big business.' hmm.

This weekend I read an article in the Air Force Times about the candidates' children in the military. On the Republican ticket, there is Palin's son, who is, I think enlisted Army; then McCain has two sons in - an enlisted Marine, and a student at the Naval Acadamy. On the Democratic ticket, there is Obama, with no children old enough yet, and Biden, whose son is the Attorny General of some NE state, and on the JAG tem of the National Guard.

Now you tell me which sounds more like "the people" and which sounds more rich/elite. ??

(Please don't take this as endorsement of McCain/Palin. I think both big party nominees are very wrong, and I voted for 3rd party candidate Chuck Baldwin)


Wil said...

Proud of you for voting for a third party. Don't listen to those who say you're "throwing away your vote."

If more people would develop guts and vote for a non-Big Party candidate, we might actually get a change in the country.

MamaOlive said...

Thanks for being proud of me. It still means a lot to me to be able to impress my big brother. :-)