Friday, 17 October 2008


So yesterday was my dr appt. I signed up for a "physical" and when I arrived everyone asked me what exactly I had in mind. Just a checkup.
The Dr was nice, very encouraging and wanting to help. Mostly we talked about my weight, and some about my joints. Since Bob is my only reader who lives with me, this bears a little explaining. Every time I bend my knees (to squat, climb stairs, whatever), they crack and pop and grind horribly. I also have had hip trouble (off and on) since late in my pregnancy with Azariah, and there is a place in my ribcage that goes to aching at times (last week it was awful). So anyway, I officially have arthritis. But he said I still have cartilage in my knees, and weight loss will help a lot, as will good shoes. He prescribed something to help with inflamation, and said the OsteoJoint pills I've been taking are good stuff.
For weight loss, he said first get blood work done to see if I'm healthy (we think I am), and if I don't lose anything in 4 weeks of committed diet and exercise he can prescribe a metabolism booster. He also offered to get me an appointment with a nutritionalist. He was very positive, said it often takes 2 years after having a baby to recover, said I'm doing good to have lost 21 lbs already (yes, the side bar is behind. I gained 4 lbs in one day last week), blah blah.
So I think that is all good. I didn't get to talk about my funky toe, but I guess that can wait (it's been over a year already anyway).

After that we stopped by the thrift store, but didn't find anything. Then we went to the commissary where Bob grabbed some grapes and water and headed back to work, and I wandered around a while. I wanted something "different" for dinner. I finally decided on a package of Mahi Mahi fillets. I'm not a fish person, but I've heard Mahi Mahi is not a 'fishy' fish, and if it was yucky Bob could have mine. :-D I also grabbed a box of egg rolls, and got the children frozen pizza and corn dogs. (And just for good measure, I got a pack of swordfish fillets, too. I've had that before and know it isn't 'fishy.')

On the way home I pulled over at a house just outside the village. They have had a box beside their driveway for a couple of weeks now, marked "Apples. Help yourself." So I did. Thanks, neighbor! The children couldn't wait to get the groceries in and have an apple. They said they were good. I had one today, and it was FLAVORFUL. A little sweet, a lot of tart. Not my favorite apple taste ever, but it was really strong, and crisp and juicy. So how cool is that, that people have so much they just give it away. I'm still in awe at the abundance of blackberries. God has blessed this country. (By the way, I checked Bob's pictures, and the blackberry season has lasted over 2 months. In Oklahoma we are lucky if it goes 2 weeks.)

So the children had pizza or corndogs for dinner, and I got a recipe for ginger-glazed mahi mahi off Bob and I had fish over rice, with pineapple and egg roll. I also had cucumber, but Bob doesn't like that. (the children also had cucumber, carrot sticks, and pineapple) The fish was okay, nothing great. I had a couple of bites that were a little fishy, but not bad.

Today the sun is shining, which makes us all restless, but it is cold. Maybe we'll do 'something' tomorrow.

I'm thinking about going to Nottingham next weekend for the Robin Hood Pageant. It will cost 18GBP for the family, plus hotel and gas, etc. I'm undecided if it will be worth it.

To wrap up, I am back on the diet. These last two weeks have been miserable. I just took a break, since I hadn't lost anything in a month, but then I gained those 5 lbs, and I felt every one of them. I can't afford to gain another pound. I can't really afford to maintain. The fat has got to go.


Anonymous said...

You are too young to have arthritis! About the other - YOU CAN DO IT, YES, YES, RA, RA, CHEER, YOU CAN.jc

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, JC, on both counts.