Friday, 3 October 2008

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A few thoughts:

I got my absentee ballot last week and sent it in Monday. I voted for Chuck Baldwin for president, and in other slots I voted for male libertarians or republicans (where there wasn't a libertarian).

I'm not updating my "weekly weight loss" every week because I don't have a loss every week. I'm not sure what has caused the loss-stop, but we're working on it. Bob and I each ordered some diet pills from, which claims to pay $1000 for before and after pictures. Bob got his pills yesterday and the flier included in the package says they'll pay $750. Either way, it sounds like a good deal. Even if they don't pay, if the pills help it will be worth it.

Bob has weekend duty this weekend. Today he is "official photographer" at two events. He is trying to study for his promotion test which will probably be in February.

Riah's smashed thumb nail is almost ready to come off. He went to the pediatric cardiologist in Cambridge Wednesday. The Dr. said pretty much the same as the one in Abilene, except he was a bit more specific about what action may be needed "years and years" from now - "replacement" in early adulthood. Kinda scary, but I know Who's in charge. For now, regular but infrequent monitoring, and let him be normal and active. (Um, for those who don't keep track of my family medical history: Riah has an "incompetant aeortic valve" - where normal hearts have three flaps that close over the valve, his only has two, so it doesn't close all the way. Therefore a little blood trickles through even when it's 'closed' and so his heart has to work harder and pump a little faster than a healthy one in order to maintain the blood flow. At least, that's my basic understanding.)

Which reminds me. Wednesday after the Dr we went downtown and walked a LOT and went to a couple of shops but didn't buy much except lunch. We stayed out all day (about 7:30am to 7pm).

Bob showed me his son's myspace page a couple of days ago... (name withheld for privacy - I'll call him SS of StepSon)... SS put the wrong city of birth, which could be an honest mistake (as most babies don't remember their birth) or (which gives me some hope) he might be giving misleading information, so I don't know how much credence to give the following, but... He listed his "orientation" as "bi" and his "religion" as "Wiccan." Everything else was good - he says he doesn't drink or smoke- but those two things really jumped at me (Bob hadn't noticed them). There isn't a good word to put on how I feel about it, but "heartbreaking" comes close. Bob's words, not mine: "I don't think [my mother in law] knows how much she messed up when she took [SS] away from us." Since SS wasn't to be completely ours in action or spirit, I think it has been better for the other children to not be close to his influence, but my heart aches for him. Either way, he's 18 now, and what's done is done, but there is a future and a hope.

Today the homeschool group is going bowling. I'm still undecided about going. I want to go only if the house is clean and Taryn has some bookwork under her belt.
So I guess it's time for me to move on with my day.


Ganeida said...

Oh dear. These big kids are such a worry! I hope it's just a sort of showy off thing for his peers (((hugs))) & prayers.

LC said...

I'm glad you explained Riah's condition, because I was trying to figure out why a smashed nail warranted a trip to a pediatric cardiologist...

MamaOlive said...

Lol, Lorella. Just two things about Riah.
I read up on it, and Wikipedia says valve replacement isn't always necessary, and when it is, not usually til age 40 or so. Hardly the 18-20 I envisioned from what the Dr said.

Anonymous said...

re: The weight loss -- it's called a plateau. Your body has to adjust and level off for a time. It will take a while, but if you stay vigilant, you will start losing again. Be careful of the diet pills. jc