Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day 4

I don't mean to lose interest or details, but I am starting another trip today (just me, Daniel, and the girls this time).

Friday we packed up, had another yucky breakfast, and went to Big Bone Lick State Park, not far from our hotel, but the stupid map on the hotel computer told us to go way around through town instead of straight over toward the park. Anyway, they have a 4G signal in town, so I was able to figure out how to get back on track with just a 15 minute detour.

The park was nice enough, and we saw the bison herd from a distance and some fossils. There were statues outside, and a ranger giving a talk to a homeschool group about hunting methods (we were told by the shop keeper that he was out calling the bison, but she was wrong). The children weren't terribly interested, Bob's knee hurt, and it was getting warm, so we didn't stay too long.

We went south toward Lexington, and then west toward Peducah. We did take a side trip to Lincoln's birthplace, but because of poor signage we missed the "boyhood home" that was on the way. Just as well though, because the main park closed at 4:45 and we just made it at 4. Got some exercise, learned a little, and back in the car.

We had supper at Hardee's, which had a $1 menu and made lots of fries for the "large" size. Quite a change from the ones around here. Made it to our hotel in Metropolis, Illinois at 8pm. I picked this one on purpose because it has an indoor pool, and the children have been wild to swim since the trip started. On unloading the van we noticed the boys had been into things we told them to leave alone, and Bob was inclined to forego the swimming, but I convinced him otherwise. We had the pool to ourselves, and stayed about 1 1/2 hours. Daniel got in for a few minutes, but then stayed out, just reaching over to splash in the water.

We had adjoining rooms, despite having just booked that morning, so that was nice. Bob and I started out in bed together, but when Daniel woke up at 1:30 I was rocking him back to sleep when Riah got up and used the bathroom. I heard him was his hands, but never saw him get back in his bed (I was in the boys' room at that time). Once I got Daniel back to sleep I used my phone as a light and went looking. Riah had climbed into my bed! So I slept in his spot next to Cedwryck. As soon as I sat down on the bed I could feel a difference. Turns out that 3 of our 4 beds were dreamy soft, and the one that Bob and I got stuck with was hard and spring-ful. Always check the beds! Anyway, I got good rest after that and Bob woke up tired and sore.

Also, the one hotel with a pool was also the one without a laundry room. Figure that. I squeezed the swim clothes out as best I could and let them drip overnight, but they were still pretty wet in the morning.

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Wil said...

Glad the last hotel was better!

And it was good to see (some of) you today. :-)